24/7/14- This weekend the european open takes place in hungary (webpage, registrations, program, running orders). Germany: more than 10 trials (1, 2). Italy: trials for master in Vicenza, Torino, Reggio Emilia (.pdf). Austria: 2 trials in viena and Weiβenbach (click). Spain: 5 trials for RSCE (click); 4 of them are double (Vizcaya, Tarragona, Castellón, Cádiz) and the one in La coruña is a triple one 1, 2). USA: trials organizaed by Flat-Coated Retriever Society of America and Aztec Doberman Pinscher Club of San Diego (click). Mexico: fifth trial for UCAM's championship (click). brazil: fifth and sixth trials of local championshipin minas gerais with a barrel dog trial for dogs with at least 1 year old (information, registrations, live stream, video). Argentina: trial for regional championship in Santa fé (facebook). Uruguay: grade 1 marathon.
EO 2014: program for friday, saturday. Photos fromfinland's team (click) de jukka pätynen.
Austria: seminar with dante camacho (brazil- canada), sabrina hauser (austria) & zeljko gora (croatia) on july 29-31 (.jpg).
Hungary: seminar with janita & jaakko near budapest on july 29-10 (facebook).

23/7/14- EO 2014: training courses (large, medium/small). training order (click).
Polona Bonac has updated her blog with an article about her croatian sheepdog puppies (click).
Spain: results and photos of the trial at el nogueral. The online clicker training course is from 11 october to 16 november (click).
Brazil: ranking of the copa paulista (click). The last two competitions of the mineiro championship has live stream (facebook).

22/7/14- EO 2014: running orders for teams (.pdf), program by groups (.pdf).
Clean run: september's issue includes an article from janita & jaakko (finland) ‘agility from a dog's point of view’ (facebook). They have figital and paper edition.
Courses: seppo savikko (1, 2), Bonnik Berthelsen at dania cup 2014 (1, 2, 3), andreas silfverberg at dania cup 2014 (1, 2) and GULD agility (1, 2, 3, 4, 5). Exercices from Birgitta Hermansson with a tunnel and 3 jumps (facebook, .jpg).
Videos: wannahave finest finn at summer camp with jenny damm & zeljko gora (click, IE), trailer from jersey agility festival 2015 (click, IE).
Puppies border collie in slovenia de Allymoon X'treamly nice- Didi & Bryce Jeronimo in Blue Ovcarski- Ice: 5 females and 4 males (click).
EO junior 2015 will be in czech rep on 10-12 july (facebook).
Argentina: new trial of the copa confraternidad on 3 de august in buenos aires (facebook); regsitrations closes on 31 july.

21/7/14- France: the national final for SCC teams trophy is on august 9-10 agosto. banner, program (.jpg, .pdf), registrations.
Seminar: due to a last minute cancelation at janita & jaakko's seminar in hungary (july 29-30) there is a free spot (facebook jane elene christhensen). Due to some dogs injured, there are 2 more free spots for the same seminar facebook Martina Ericsson).
EO 2014: individual running orders for saturday: large, medium, small (.pdf).
Brazil: the next double trial for local championship in minas gerais is on july 26-27 and the judges are guilherme trevisani & rodrigo barsanti (information, partial registration list). The II copa astro is on august 9 in río de janeiro (information). information about the double trial of local championship in pernambuco on august 2- 3 de agosto; the judges are samy wroblewski & ana maria moreira.

19/7/14- Live stream from pre continental herding championship (live stream).
Courses: seppo savikko (agility open, jumping 3 small, jymping 3 medium), Svetlana Zolotnikova (facebook).
Course on line with isabelle emanuelsson & jouni orenius in spanish (click).
Videos: highlights from EO junior 2014 (click, IE).
Seminar with thomas raczka (france) & nicola giraudi (italy) in cuers (france) on october 25-26 (facebook).
Czech rep.: acknowledgement to the assitants to janita & jaakko's seminar (facebook); there were handlers from moravia, switzerland, germany, slovakia, bohemia. Photos on facebook.

18/7/14- This weekend is the fourth trial of Lux cup in austria (information, running order), second trial of alpen cup judged by rolf graber from switzerland (information, running order), second trial of Landesmeisterschaft judged by Tomas Glabazna (rczech rep.) & Michael Steiner (information, running order); more trials and seminars with janita & jaakko (finland) on july 21- 22 in viena and with jan egil eide (norway) in Korneuburg (.pdf). Hungary: Rene Blank (germany) & Szoboszlay Erika judge the Kraft SE Cup (.pdf). Reino unido: UKA nationals (facebook). Netherlands: seminar with isabelle emanuelsson in Hondenschool Lingewaard (click) and training with ton van de laar (click); pre continental herding trial (facebook, banner, registrations, live stream). Czech rep.: seminar with janita & jaakko on july 17-18 (facebook). Spain: 5 double trials RSCE in pontevedra, madrid, zaragoza, barcelona, alicante (click); information about l'almozara's trial. Brazil: first trial for copa paulista (information, registrations); agility show during a trial at Socieadade Hipica Brasileira in río de janeiro (facebook). Argentina:the trial for national championship in buenos aires was canceled (facebook). Chile: fourth trial for ranking premundial at agility chicureo (facebook); running orders for grade 1 small- mediu, grade 2 large, grade 2 small- medium, grade 1 large, beginners.
Magazine at animo concept (france): Dog sport magazine. In this issue, Grégory bielle bidalot talks about 2 on 2 off, Silvia trkman & grégory bielle bidalot explain how they choose their dogs, Silvia trkman talks about the profits of teaching tricks (facebook).
Border collie puppies at kennel hidden valley: Juno (daisy peel) X lefty (facebook donna polka); frozen semen from lefty was used.
EO junior 2014: videos from the opening ceremony 1, 2, 3, 4. Photos.
Courses from seppo savikko (finland) at Slottshoppet 2014 (.jpg).

17/7/14- Courses from tamas traj (hungary), judge of the EO 2014 (1, 2, 3).
EO 2014: facebook team USA. Tunnels from dog agility tunnels (poland) has free deluvery at the event (facebook).
Puppies border collie from rhea & Solar (daisy peel), a repeated litter that had boom (dan butcher) and chipper (daisy peel). The litter is expected on 19 august (facebook, webpage).
Norway: agilityyuken 2015 is on 5- 11 july in stravanger (facebook).
Switzerland: registratiion list for the swiss agility cup (click).
Agility nerd: excercises in medium space courses: Serps, Threadles, and Back Sides (click).
Spain: ivan amez judges the open iberico on 24 august (.jpg, facebook).
USA: oktoberfest UKI trial at clear mind on 2- 3 august (facebook).
Argentina: infomramtion about competitions in buenos aires (click). The FCA ordered the agility comission to cancel the trials for the national championships planned in buenos aires, ranking 2014 and national team for international competitions. The trials promoting upgrading to grade 2 will be realizeto not harm competitors to take part at international events

16/7/14- Courses from Nikolas Ruchalski (germany) at balisto (spiel, agility 2, agility 1, jumping 3, agility 3, spiel, jumping 3 small- medium, agility 3, agility 2, agility 1).
EO 2014: program was updated (click).
Facebook: comments on flat tunnel and electronic contact zones, FCI, etc. (facebook linda mecklenburg).
Videos from tereza kralova: Nice at moravia open (click, IE), running contacts with Say (click, IE). Commercials with border collie about football corld cup (1 (IE), 2 (IE), 3 (IE), 4 (IE), 5 (IE), 6 (IE)).
WAO 2015: information of hotels in netherlands that accepts dogs.
Czech Rep.: Tomorrow begins a workshop with janita & jaakko (facebook).

15/7/14- Courses from jos thines (luxembourg) for BAM (1, 2, 3), Dania cup (1, 2, 3) and tanis (1, 2).
Videos: funkee monkey & kayl Mc Cann (USA) at USDAA regional (facebook), Marieke Timmer & twiggy (netherlands) at dania cup (click, IE). Videos fromsome students of silvia trkman's online courses: puppy tricks (click, IE), advanced tricks (click, IE), olli's running contacts after a year (click, IE).
International agility sheltie 2014: registration list (.pdf). there are 250 dogs: 2 from usa and the others from europe (germany, france, italy, czech rep., netherlands, belgium, switzerland, luxembourg, slovakia, united kingdom, austria, hungary, portugal, russia, sweden).
Herding: world cup IFCS 2014. Program. team from USA (facebook).
Genetics: discount of 30% for optigen's tests for border collies (CEA/CH, CL, TNS) during september (.jpg). The offer is due to world cup trials in september 2014. The discount code is WSDT14.
Patricia Mc Connell: special offer for her books (click). Vence el 16 de julio.
Courses: few spots for agility 2 go's online courses from germany for july and august with discount (click).

14/7/14- EO junior 2014: results. The winners in kids were Becky Schiltz & dizzy (luxembourg, shetland) in small, johanna stein & easy (germany, shetland) in medium, chiara sculati & dexter (italy, border collie) in large. The winners for young are elena chinchilla & burundi (spain, spanish water dog) in large, dorota Psotkova & falco (czech rep., shetland) in medium, rebekka De backer & elly (belgium, shetland) in small. the first places for large teams were for fast and furious dogs, italy 1, czech rep 1, swiss 1, Les Sakapuss and for medium- small belgium 1, swiss 1, The Medi Flying Finns, czech mini 1, hungary.
Videos: nice (spain), her heart surgeries and her recovery (click, IE), susan garrett, feature & swagger at USDAA regionals in canada (click, IE).
Photos: moravia open (click), european open junior 2014 (click), ‘summer camp’ with jenny damm & zeljko gora in sweden (facebook), event for raising funds for world cup national team from southafrica (facebook).
USA: information about ‘clear mind UKI agility trial’ in oregon on august 1-3 (.pdf). the deadline for registrations is july 30.
Germany: training with mike peter (luxembourg) & julie celmar on august 9 at AgilityHalle Saarburg (facebook).
United kingdom: weave classes with lucy kate osborne on august 25 (.jpg).
Border collie puppy (male) available from audi X Ola in czech rep. (banner, information, video (click, IE).
Brazil: training classes with dante camacho in brasilia since july 19 (.jpg).
Slovenia: Kirik Ivana & roman lukac are the judges of the trials on august 16- 17 (1, 2); The closing date for registrations is august 13.
Austria: ‘Alpe adria agility trophy’ at hundesport alpe adria (austria) on august 8- 10 (.doc); the judges are sabrina hauser & mitja zdinarick (slovenia). There will be an ‘agility by night’, frisbee, flyball, tunnel cup, etc.

13/7/14- Courses: zeljko gora in sweden (Agility 2 large, jumping 3 small, jumping 2 medium, agility 3 large, agility 1 small, agility 1 large), veronika herendy at dania cup (.jpg).
Videos: jenny damm, Zeljko Gora, Gunga, Ina & Ogin at dania cup with 3 different starts for veronika herendy's course (click, IE), carolina marques (portugal) and the double foot stall trick (facebook), Jounie Orenius, Isabelle Emanuelsson, Neela, Noa & Guyra at guld agility (click, IE), commercial “Sani e Informati” in italy (facebook).
United kingdom: ‘Handling 101’ with lynda orton hill (canada;) at devon dogs on monday and tuesday (click).
Border collie puppies at never never land in Poland (facebook). Expected litter in czech rep. from Baby Pepper Z Ohromujícího sveta (Rio) X Gretty Grain Hafkins (click).
EO junior 2014: some results (facebook manu melain).

12/7/14- Courses from martin ritter (germany) in freiburg (jumping 1-2, agility 2, agility 1).
Seminar with Lisa frick & Tereza Kralova in Italy on august 7- 10 (.jpg).
Greece: Sergio ascenzi (italy) is the judge of the first official agility trial on september 27- 28 (.jpg).
Dania cup 2014: resultos.
EO junior 2014: elena chinchilla & burundi (spanish water dog) are the individual kids large winners (facebook).
Agility nerd: exercise with obstacle discrimination, weave entries, serpentines, wraps, etc (click).
Colombia: there is a chance of having a seminar with the world cup medium winner Elena Kapustina from russia on september 16- 17 (facebook andrés ruiz lópez); a preliminar list is under construction to evaluate the viability of the seminar.
WAO 2014: medals from 2014 (.jpg).
Videos: team for netherlands at the EO junior (facebook), robinho at brazilian tv (click), jose manuel davila & taita (venezuela) at dania cup (facebook).

11/7/14- This weekenda italy holds the European open junior (program, registrations, vet check & training, facebook, banner); everyone having a smartphone or tablet can read the results and running orderson real time (click). Denmark: Dania cup ends on july 12 (webpage, facebook). Austria: the austrian border collie championship has been rescheduled on november 22- 23 (click); 6 trials judged by Margot Fischer, Petra Stöhrer, Erich Hüttner, Robert Smolnig, Rudi Pöhl (click). Germany: third trial of balisto judged by Nick Ruchalski & Marcus Münch (webpage, running orders for friday, saturday, sunday); Martin Ritter & Michael Kanbach judge in freiburg, etc. (click). Spain: double trials for RSCE at teorcan (La coruña), vallgorguina (barcelona) and a triple RSCE trial organized by Indog (Zaragoza) (click). Canada: event with dante camacho for raising funds for best & rain's trip to the european open (.jpg); seminars with dave munnings (united kingdom) next week (click). Colombia: G. Gomez is the judge for local championship in antioquía. Costa rica: carol kramer smorch is the judge for torneo anexion this weekend; ‘open house de agility’ at paradise dog (facebook). Argentina: trial for copa julio mattiazzi (click).
Italy: world dog show on junio 2015 will have individual and team trials of agility, flyball, freestyle, obedience (.pdf). webpage.
ETS: updates about Early take off syndrome (click).
One Mind camp & Cup: registrations open tomorrow (facebook).
Health: howto deal with the 5 more common toe injuries (click).
Brazil: information about the first trial of copa paulista on july 20 at granja viana (click); the judges are Guilherme Trevisani & Henrique Garcia. Numbers about national championship 2013-2014 (.jpg): 30 agility schools, 156 handlers, 7 states, 2476 runs. the calendar was updated.

10/7/14- Courses: Seppo Savikko (finland) at moravia open- czech rep. (agility 4 large, grand final large, agility 2 small- medium, agility 1 small- medium, agility 3 small- medium, jumping large), martin ritter (germany) in Donaueschingen (.pdf).
Seminars: polona bonac (slovenia) & Lucie Dostalova (czech rep.) on 1- 3 august in netherlands (.pdf); the cost is 80 euros per day or 215 for 3 days. Annette Illmer on 3 august for the benefit of the national team (facebook), Janita Leinonen & Jaakko Suoknuuti (finland) el 17-18 july in czech rep. (.pdf).
One Mind: foundation videos (click).
Photos: guld agility in sweden (facebook), agirotu in finland (click), moravia open in czech rep. (facebook), KC Tuffley in UK (click).
Czech Rep. : double trial in Brno juudged by zsuzsa veres (hungary) on 9-10 august (facebook).
Austria: magna racino open agility on 16-18 january 2015. Partial registration list; entries close on January 2 and there is space for 400 registrations but there are almost no free places (facebook, .pdf, banner).
Sweden: information of the trial on 2 august with 995 entries (click).
Switzerland: interview with members of the national team large, medium, small ( at left margin appears the agility names to locate the interview).
Videos: svetlana kreslina (latvia) at moravia open (1 (IE), 2 (IE), 3 (IE)).

9/7/14- Flights: some airlines are difficult to use when travelling with dogs and/or cats. TAM airlines and KLM have cancelled at the last minute dog's confimed reservations as it happened with KLM and canadian members of IFCS agility team this year (1, 2). Lisa Frick & Tereza Kralova just had roblems with KLM and two of their dogs while returning from norway (facebook lisa frick).
Courses from mia laamanen at dania cup (.jpg).
Jenny Damm has updated her blog with photos, comments, video from guld agility (click).
Agility nerd: training course with few obstacles (click).
Germany:3 free spots for the seminar with anna eifert, silas boogk & Sabine Zepf on july 11-13 (facebook).
BCC 2014: map and information about how to travel from some countries (click).
Italy: ‘trofeo keynote’ in cerdeña at the end of july (facebook); sergio ascenzi is the judge in cagliari (.jpg).
Videos: lee gibson (united kingdom) at dania cup (facebook), equipo de rep checa para el EO junior (click, IE), thomas raczka & curly at ‘grand prix de france’ (click, IE). Moravia open: alar kivilo (click, IE), petra petcar (click, IE), martina klimesova (1 (IE), 2 (IE)).

8/7/14- Jenny Damm: free working spots on july 15 at the summer camp 2014 (facebook). Comments about her runs with lilli at guld agility with 10 clean runs (on 11 runss), 7 first places and 3 second places (facebook): ‘I think I have no words for our last weekend in Kalmar... but it was probably my best weekend in agility ever! ’.
Courses: stefanie semkat (germany) in sweden (agility 2 medium, agility 3 large, agility 3 medium, agility 3 medium, agility 3 small, jumping 3 large).
France: results from ‘grand prix de france’.
European open junior 2014: program. Timetable for vet check and training (.pdf).
Clean run: exercise for july.
USA: seminars with gabrielle blackburn on august 16- 17 in florida (.jpg).

7/7/14- Courses: anders virtanen (finland) in sweden (jumping 1, jumping 2, agility 3, agility 1, agility 2, agility 3), sandra deidda (italy) in austria (1, 2), mia laamanen (finland) at dania cup (.jpg), all the courses from ‘grand prix de france’ (facebook).
Moravia open: results. Video from matej cucek (click, IE). Comments on facebook from seppo savikko (‘Moravia open is surely one of top competitions! Excellent location, nice obstacles, top competitors, very nice arrangements, and so on. I can recommend it without hesitation’), alen marekovic. Fotos. Article from silvia trkman about La's first place with almost 13 years old (click).
Spain: banner from the trials from acade- canesport (july 26- 27), rivalcan (july 12- 13), euskadi (july 25- 27), agility in dog (july 11- 13), kartpetiana (august 30- 31 judeged by jos thines).
Contacts: about 2 on 2 off training. a solution for the problem with the position of the hind legs (facebook).
Videos: manu melain (france) & aqua (facebook), anna eifert (hungary) & nevian (click, IE), video from USA's team going to the international agility festival on august 7- 10 in united kingdom (click, IE), videos at livestream from ‘grand prix de france’ (click).

6/7/14- Courses: ‘canada cup’ (grand prix, steeplechase, jumpers, snooker (1, 2)).
Guld agility 2014: Jenny Damm & Miss lilli won almost all the courses; they also won the agility final today followed by jouni orenius & Neela. reults form the agility final large, medium, small at guldagility's facebook. All the results (click).
Brazil: statistics from national championship (click). Artcle about agility spreading and kids in minas gerais (click).
Videos from guld agility in sweden: szofi biro & scilla from hungary (facebook), promotional video (click, IE), event from 2014 (facebook). Videos: Marianne Karjalainen & tero (half brother from janita's fu) at agirotu in finland (click, IE), seminar with luciano peccin (argentina) in peru (click, IE).
Articulo about dog's vision and agility (click).
Argentina: annex to the rules about trial organization (facebook). They announced that FCA agility will only spread seminars organized by the Comisión Nacional de Adiestramiento, Obediencia y Agility from Federación Cinologica Argentina; seminars with national or foreign agilitists (not organized by FCA) will be only published at webpages/ facebooks from the agility cllubs and/or .

5/7/14- Courses: jan egil eide at guld agility in sweden (.jumping 3 large, agility 3 medium), ‘canada cup’ (gambler, grand prix, steeplechase, jumpers, grand prix, steeplechase, jumpers). ‘grand prix de france’: dominique favre (agility), D. fourcot (jumping, agility), pascale crespet (jumping).
Videos: jaakko & dao in finland (click, IE), Jane Elene Christensen & do it in denmark (click, IE), lucy kate osborne & stig in united kingdom (click, IE).
Australia: form for registration at grand prix (.pdf); the deadline for registrations is july 16. information.
Moravia open (Czech rep.): newtunnels have a discount of 5% and the ones used at the competition have a 20% (click).
Results: grand prix de france, canada cup, guld agility in sweden (1, 2, 3).
EO junior 2014: program.
Border collie available in scotland: tweed born on april 2 2012 and has been trained for herding; his parents are Jak (Bobby Dalziel) & Davids Bitch Mist (facebook). Video (click, IE).
FCI WC 2014: trophies (click).

3/7/14- This weekend takes place the dania cup in denmark (webpage, facebook); the judges are Jos Thines (Luxembourg), Jozef van Eester (Belgium), Tamas Traj (Hungary), Veronika Herendy (Hungary), Mia Laamanen (Finland), Toshiyuki Oba (Japan), Andreas Silfverberg (sweden), Bonnik Bertelsen, Allan Hansen, Morten Juel Hansen, Jim Hempel, Per Vestergaard, Sophie Juul Nielsen, Regin Reinhard from denmark. France: ‘grand prix de france’ in les sorinières (webpage, facebook). Luxembourg: program and running orders for the trial this weekend (click). Sweden: Guld agility 2014 in kalmar (webpage, facebook) with live stream. Finland: agirotu (webpage, facebook, , article from One mind, programa, inscriptos); the judges are Bob Griffin (united kingdom), Ritva Herrala, Kari Jalonen, Henri Luomala, Sari Mikkilä, Anne Savioja, Anne Viitanen, Kim Kurkinen, Ville Liukka, Minna Vilmi, Tommi Raita-aho, Anne-Mari Tenhovalo, Sami Wessman. Czech rep.: Bernd Hüppe (austria), mikhail kirillov (Russia), seppo savikko (Finland), Lenka Pankova are the judges for moravia open (click). Spain: canesport's opening event (facebook); 2 trials RSCE (click). Canada: ‘canada cup’ at royackers (click). Southafrica: trial for raising funds for world cup team (.jpg). Venezuela: basic agility seminar at universidad metropolitana in caracas (facebook). Colombia: F. botero & F. Moscoso are the judges for the double trial of national championship in bogotá; seminar with luciano peccin (argentina) in medellín.
Gotor cup 2014: results. Photos (1, 2, 3). Video from the team 2Fast 2Furious with Nicole Münker & Gucci, Mona Grefenstein & Page, Tobias Wüst & Reav, Daniel Schröder & Gin (click, IE).
Linda Mecklenburg is selling some obstacles: rubberized dog walk, wall, teeter, chute, A frame (facebook).
BAM 2015 will be on june 19- 21 (webpage, facebook)

2/7/14- Guld agility 2014 is on july 3-6 in kalmar (webpage, facebook). Live stream pago (click).
EO 2014: lthe sand bags used for the tunnels (froms smart 99) can be bought at 33 euros (facebook); the contact is eifert.anna@chello.hu.
USDAA: rules for 2015 (click).
Videos: revolution & brave recorded by tori self (click, IE), finals of the quali trials in finland (click, IE), tricks and agility from a student of silvia trkman's courses (click, IE), video from canesport in spain (facebook). Gotor cup: opening ceremony (click, IE), ‘Tourists' Team’ (click, IE).
Facebook from agility europe: quesion from an agilitist in Zimbabwe about a rule of a minnimum number of dogs for grade 3 trials and champion title (facebook).
BCC 2014: there are some free spots because a handler is injured (facebook).
Courses from the qualification trials in russia (1, 2, 3, 4), trial in sweden (1, 2).
Brazil: rules for copa paulista, minas gerais (A&C 2015 local qualification), general rules.

1/7/14- Jenny Damm has updated her blog with an article (and videos) about miss lilli's qualification to the world cup in luxembourg (click).
Courses: bernd huppe (austria) at the quali trials in sweden (.jpg), alen marekovic (croatia) at gotor cup in spain (agility large, jumping team small- medium, final teams), Eevaliisa Pohjanen at the quali trials in finland (1, 2), alfredo tuset atgotor cup in spain (1, 2, 3, 4).
Belgium: ranking for FCI WC 2014 qualification updated (click).
USA: Patrick Shannahan's article about communication with dogs (click).
Survey from wahington's university (WSU) about injuries and amputation of toes in dogs (click).
Gotor cup 2014: videos with thomas raczka & curly from france (click, IE), zsuzsa veres, kaj & eta (click, IE). Photos on facebook (1, 2, 3, 4). henrique herbera's comemnts on facebook.

30/6/14- Courses: Alexander beitl (germany) at gotor cup in spain (1, 2, 3, 4), rauno virta at the quali trials in finland (1, 2, 3), gabi steppan from austria (agility 3), Bonnik Berthelsen at the quali trials in sweden (1, 2, 3), Halasz Ildiko from hungary (agility 1, agility 2, jumping iniciantes, jumping 1, jumping 2, agility- jumping game, jumping- jumping game).
IABC 2014: videos from peter & spike from luxembourg (won at amadeus 2013 and took part of EO 2013 and 2014) in the final this weekend (click, IE); more videos from IABC (click).
Clean run: PVC pedestal jumps bases in several colors from clip and go (webpage, facebook).
Canada: running orders for the ‘Canadacup’ (.pdf: friday, saturday). Photo from the venue.
Patricia Mc Connell: last hours for the special offer ‘BOGO - Love Has No Age Limit’ (click).
Spain: agility by night on july 12-13 organized by teocan agility (click); the deadline for registrations is july 7. seminar with Ana Pose at canesport on july 12-13 (click).
Videos: handling analysis from dante camacho (brazil) in canada (click, IE), video and ananlysis based on elizabeth diehl's course by agility nerd (click). martin ritter & keen (germany) at BAM 2014 (click, IE), Niina-Liina Linna & Rhett at the finnish quali trial (click, IE), students from polona bonac (click, IE), workshop with luciano peccin (argentina) in uruguay (click, IE).

29/6/14- Live stream of FCI WC 2014 quali trials in finland and team trials from gotor cup in spain (teams).
Sweden: the last world cup quali trials were this weekend. Large: the first place was for Malin Elfström & nick (they went to WAO 2014)and th second place for jenny Damm & lilli after winning 5 courses (click). The first place medium was for Patrik Rosendal & Sam and in small it was for Jannie Abelsson-Svensson & Inna. all the resuls (click).
Finland: some courses (1, 2, 3). resultados.
Gotor cup 2014: results from the trials individual.

28/6/14- Finland: results; janita & Fu won the first course of the try outs. Courses: jumping large from rauno virta (.jpg), agility from Eeva-Liisa Pohjasen (.jpg); southamerican comments on facebook. fotos.
Slovenia: results from the FCI WC 2014 quali trial (click). final ranking. The 5 first places in large are from two handlers: Silvia trkman & Matej cucek. Bu and Le won the large and medium ranking; La (who took part of FCI WC 2003) is in third place for medium dogs. Roland kolenko has the two first places in small.
Sweden: results from the quali trials for national team from today (click).
Gotor cup 2014: magazine (.pdf). working dog is live streaming the finals (click).
Courses: jan egil eide from norway (1, 2, 3, 4).
Border collie puppy in czech rep. from Ola X Audi (parents of fu from janita leinonen): there is an available male (.jpg).
Workshops with tiago (brazil) in villa la angostura (argentina) on november 17-18, 20-21 (.jpg).

27/6/14- Live stream tomorrow feom the trials in finland and gotor cup in spain (the opening ceremony is live streamed today).
Courses: bernd hüppe in netherlands (click). Training exercises from Birgitta Hermansson (1, 2).
Border collie puppies from eiri greme ray (tanja pollich): a litter in germany with the same mating of 2013 at kennel thircan (click) and a litter in italy at Ingrid rogger's kennel (facebook).
Brazil: results from the last trials of local championship in paraná (1, 2); ranking. Results from I copa tudo do cão haras rafaela (click).
United kingdom: dates of british agility championship 2015 (facebook).

25/6/14- This weekendtakes place the IABC (international all breeds cup) judged by antonin grygar (czech rep.), adri van den bosch (netherlands) & martin Schoffelmeer (netherlands) in netherlands (webpage, facebook) and the gotor cup (agility, obedience, frisbee) in spain with dgs from different european countries (program, scheduling, registrations, webpage, facebook, live stream). Germany: BAM 2014 with 2 parallel courses (webpage, running orders, program); the judges are Jozef van Eester (belgium), Jos Thines (luxembourg), Steffi Röcker (germany). Finland: FCI WC 2014 quali trial (running order, live stream, webpage). Spain: seminar with krisztina kabai, lisa frick & tereza kralova before gotor cup; there is also a trial for liga ibérica (click). Colombia: J. Castro is the judge for the trial of local championship in medellín. Argentina: trial forlocal championship in buenos aires (click). Uruguay: herding course with jefferson munhoz & alexandre figueredo (brazil) in rocha (.pdf).
Seminar about frisbee with Mark Muir in puebla (México) on august 15- 17 (facebook).
Gotor cup 2014: report from the french magazine magagility (click). The assistants to the seminars with krisztina kabai, lisa frick & tereza kralova were asked to go to the dinner yesterday (facebook).
Southafrica: event on july 6 for raising funds for the tripof national agility team to the world cup in luxembourg (.jpg).
France: agility school with jérémy chomienne near chagnon, rhône- alpes (facebook).
Bad dog agility: analysis of a course from the try outs in usa (click).

24/6/14- Finland: FCI WC 2014 quali trial this weekend. running orders (.pdf), live stream (facebook Koirakuvat, webpage). the webpage has more information and the programa. information published on facebook by janita leinonen.
Videos: do it & J E christensen from denmark training a course from alex beitl (click, IE), nana border collie (1 (IE), 2 (IE)).
Courses: martin ritter (1, 2, 3, 4, 5), anton kudrin at Perm Region Championship in russia (1, 2, 3, 4, 5), Bonnik Berthelsen in sweden (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6). Exercises from Birgitta Hermansson (.jpg).
Susan Garrett: registrations for recallers 5.0 are open (click).
FCI WC 2014: countries and some runners for the event (click).

23/6/14- Courses: andré mauer at the quali trials in czech rep. (1, 2, 3, 4), peter holmberg at the quali trials in denmark (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6).
Bulgary: facebook from national agility team.
Canada: results from québec's regional (.pdf). Photos.
Argentina: copa confraternidad. results from second trial in santa fe. Updated ranking. coverage from agility argentina.
A&C 2015: the total quota will be 300 registrations. For that quotas have been created for brazilian registrations per state (click). Grade 3 have their places garanteed and each brazilian state should send to CBA the rules for qualifying before july 15.

22/6/14- Courses: alex beitl (germany) at danube trophy (1, 2), stefanie semkat (1).
Videos: marcy mantell & stripe in usa (click, IE), fu (janita), peski, eta & Kim Berglund (click, IE), daisy peel & juno in usa (click, IE), ‘pro plan incredible dog challenge’ (facebook), fernando molano & nix in colombia (1 (IE), 2 (IE), 3 (IE), british agility championships (click, IE).
Spain: results from the trials in santa quiteria (click).
Czech rep.: dogs qualified for the european open (click). Tereza Kralova & nice also qualified for the world cup in luxembourg (facebook lisa frick).
Gotor cup 2014: there are some free spots for the seminar with lisa frick and tereza kralova (facebook). Three small- medium teams still need another dog (facebook). working-dog.eu will live stream the event.

21/6/14- Courses: alex beitl (germany) at danube trophy (1, 2, 3), gaby steppan from austria (.jpg), dan butcher from united kingdom (1, 2), kees stoel (netherlands) at ‘british agility championships 2014’ (.jpg), peter holmberg (norway) at world cup quali trials in denmark (1, 2, 3, 4, 5), magne alden in sweden (.jpg), regional championships in canada (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6). trainings from agility 2 go (click).
Puppies: unexpected litter in canada; the mother is parson and the father is sheltie (facebook seanna oneill).
USA: updated scheduling of marco giavoni (italy)'s seminars in september- november in new york, massachusets, arizona, california, tennessee, texas (facebook).
Danube trophy: results.
Spain: seminar with juha orenius (finland) on august 22- 23 in la coruña (.jpg). The cost with dog varies between 50 an 120 euros and without dog is 40 auros.

20/6/14- Courses: alex beitl at ‘blue danube agility trophy’ in austria (1, 2, 3, 4).
Agility nerd: ‘triple threat’ (click).
One mind: video about ‘whisky’ (click).

19/6/14- This weekend is the ‘blue danube agility trophy’ in austria (registration list, program, webpage); judged by hans fried (austria), urs inglin (switzerland), alex beitl (germany), lenka pankova (czech rep.), roman lukac (slovakia). germany: judged by Dagmar Fauth & stefanie semkat in Kleinblittersdorf (click), Kirsten Brox in Magdeburg (click), Hubertus Schulte & Sabine Brocks in münster, Elke Kraul in hoyerhagen, Sibylle Vogt in bad Harzburg, etc. Czech Rep.: competition that qualifies for FCI WC (registration list, information). netherland: couble trial with 4 rings (click). Spain: 4 double competitions for RSCE (click); information of the trial organized by 5 huesos (.jpg). Brazil: ‘copa astro de agility’ in rio de janeiro (information, registred list), ‘I copa tudo do cão haras raphaela’ in sao paulo (information, registration list). Argentina: second trial for copa confraternidad in santa fe (facebook). Peru: seminar with luciano peccin in lima (.jpg). Colombia: G. Moreno jufged the competition for the national championship in bogota. Chile: tria for ‘campeonato pre mundial’ (information, registration list).
Puppies bergers des pyrénées: two litters planned in austria (click). Puppies border collie: repeated litter with Rhea X solar (daisy peel), parents of chipper (daisy peel) & boom (dan butcher) (facebook)
Health article about giving ice with water or ice to dogs in hot weather (click) and from an stufy in USA about risk of neutering (click).
Courses: by alex beitl at ‘blue danube agility trophy’ in austria (1, 2, 3).
Videos: thomas raczka & curly at french championship (click, IE), jumping foundation with thor and Niina-Liina Linna (1 (IE), 2 (IE)).

18/6/14- Belgium: updated ranking (for national team) with the results from the weekend (click).
BCC 2014: program on facebook.
Spain: calendar for the second part of the year (click). Venue of Centro Canino La Eria S.C. (facebook).
IFCS 2015is on april 7-12 in italy. webpage, facebook.
Courses: lee gibson (united kingdom) in finland (1, 2, 3, 4, 5).

17/6/14- Gotor cup 2014: schedules & distribution of judges individual and team .jpg). lists updated; submit corrections by email (facebook).
Bad dog agility: tips to compete with a new dog (click).
Daisy peelhas updated her blog talking about focus on performance and her dogs juno, frodo & chipper (click).
Early take off Syndrome Chi from jaakko & janita suffer this syndorme, now she can jump the double jump without easily (facebook janita leinonen). ETS by linda mecklemburg: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.
France: national team for the european open (facebook). Courses from last weekend for the national championship (facebook).
Argentina: ranking updated and results (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6) of the second trial for thenational championship.
Videos: daisy peel & juno (click, IE), training jamaica (fetch granting pleasure X llangwum valery) & marco giavoni (click, IE)

16/6/14- Courses: Seppo Savikko at SM 2014 in sweden (agility team large, agility individual large final, jumping team small final, jumping individual medium), SM 2014 in finland (jumping individual small (mia laamanen), agility small final (Katarina Virkkala), agility individual large (alen marekovic), jumping individual large (Katarina Virkkala), jumping individual medium (alen marekovic)).
Brazil: calendar for 2014-2015 (click).
Finland: last day for registrations to the quali trials for FCI WC 2014 on june 28-29 (click).
France: qualified dogs for the world cup (.jpg).
EO 2014: program and vet check (click). Argentina, Brazil, Portugal will train together.
Seminar with Krisztina Kabai in october in Portugal: there are some available spots (facebook just agility). Workshop with dave munnings & dan shaw in united kingdom on september 2-3 (1, 2, 3).
Argentina: Matias Corti, Mingo Boncompagni, Eduardo Henquin are the judges for the second trial of copa confraternidad on friday june 20 in santa fé (facebook). information about the trial for the open in buenos aires on june 29 (.jpg).
Videos: marianne & Tero (son from Audi from pavel kosek) at the SM in finland (click, IE), photos from daisy peel & juno (click, IE), jérémy chomienne & ellium at national championship in france (facebook, youtube), Jiggy & Jane in sweden (click, IE), wiu & pasi large winners at SM 2014 in finland (click, IE), ‘the power of choice’ from susan garrett (click). videos from the live stream of SM in finland (click).

15/6/14- Courses: alex beitl this weekend in germany (.pdf), jos thines in japan (1, 2, 3, 4, 5) and switzerland (1, 2, 3, 4), magne alden in sweden (1, 2, 3, 4, 5). exercises for a seminar from attila varga for grade 1-2 (1, 2) and beginners (1, 2).
Susan Garrett: second video from recallers and free ebook if you register at her webpage (facebook).
Photos on facebook: quali trials in france, AKC in USA, austria, southafrica, slovenia.
Results: finland, france, star can's trial in spain (facebook).
Hungary: trial judged by rene blank (germanya) & Erika Szoboszlay on july 20 (facebook). It is the weekend before european open in hungary.

14/6/14- Live stream from SM 2014 in finland and sweden.
Silvia Trkman: the DVD ‘foundations fun’ has been translated to german (facebook).
France: results from today at national championship.
Finland: results from SM 2014 today.
Sweden: results from SM 2014 today.
Slovenia: results from the quali trials for EO and world cup (click). Rankings with the qualified to EO, world cup. Videos: matej cucek with jazz, criss & witch (click IE), mirja lapanja & cuba (click IE).

13/6/14- SM 2014 in finland this weekend: webpage, facebook, live stream, program, running order, results.
France: new CNEAC's facebook.
SM 2014 in sweden this weekend: live stream.
Brazil: information from ‘I copa Tudo do Cão/Haras Raphaela’ on june 21 in sao paulo (click); the judges are tiago & samy. partial registration list.
WAO 2015: on may 15-17 at hippic center in Ermelo (netherlands) indoor (click); the winners from individual trials at the open and A&C 2014 in peru are qualified. facebook for the quali trials in finland (click).
Videos: tori self & revolution at SE regional in usa (1 (IE), 2 (IE), 3 (IE)).

12/6/14- This weekend competition in slovenia taht qualifies for FCI WC and EO 2014 (click). Finland: SM 2014 (webpage, facebook). Sweden: SM 2014 (webpage, facebook). Italy: agility, freestyle, disc dog in rovereto, agility trails in torino, rome (juudged by Ritva Herrala (finland) & giorgio danilo), lucca, modena). Germany: 15 competitions (click), one of them judged by Alex Beitl & Oliver Gustke (facebook). Austria: 6 competitions (click), one of them qualifies for EO 2015 (program, registration list). netherlands: 2 competitions (click). france: national championship 2014 (webpage, running order, facebook). spain: 3 double trials for the RSCE (click); venezuela: primera competencia interclubes (facebook). brazil: competition for the local championship in parana (info, registration list). uruguay: fourth competition for teh national championship in canelones.
Jenny Damm has updated her blog including a video from her new puppy ziv (click).
Puppies: photos of teh litter Audi X ola (parents of Fu from janita leinonen) on facebook. The webpage of teh breeeder is for the moment out of service (czechfan).
HEalth: article about parvo (click).
Clean run: magazines from 2011 are on sale at 1 dollar (click). Excercise from june (click).

11/6/14- Agilitynerd: exercises for adding speedto the dog (click). the cue is the confidence.
Courses: alexander beitl (germany) in bamberg, harthause.
Germany: summer trials at Eishalle Polarion (Bad Liebenzell) on july 4-6 and 11-13 (banner, webpage, facebook). The judges are Petra Stöhrer, Oliver Gustke, Regula Tschanz, Dagmar Fauth on july 4-6 and Nick Ruchalski, Marcus Münch on july 11-13.
Gotor cup 2014: updated list of registrations (.pdf).
Judges: exam in hungary on november 29 (click) and course in chile on june- july (1, 2).
Brazil: information about ‘copa astro de agility’ on june 22 in río de janeiro (click).
Argentina: information about second trial of copa confraternidad on june 20 in santa fé (facebook); reglamento.
Videos: recallers course from susan garrett (click), zsuzsa veres with eta & kaj in portugal (click, IE), cuba (from matej cucek) with Miha Primozic in slovenia (click, IE), péle (malinois)'s graduation from puppy class with silvia trkman (click, IE), IBCCZ in slow motion from dogsport cz (click, IE).

10/6/14- Courses: nicolas ruchalski (1, 2), magne alden in sweden (1, 2, 3, 4, 5), stefanie semkat (1, 2, 3, 4).
Magna Racino open in Austria on january 16-18 2015: registrations open next friday (facebook, banner, info).
Facebook agility europe: post about non pedigree dogs and what they can run in each country (facebook).
Canada: dante camacho is raising funds for the trip to the european open with best & rain (.jpg). He will organize two 4 hours workshops on july 13 in lindsay. The cost is 125 dollars with dog and 50 without dog.
France: they have 450 registrations for the national championship this weekend (1, 2, 3). CNEAC's notice (facebook).
Italy: the mundialito AIA is on october 11- 12 (banner, rules, registrations). The prize for the winner team is 2000 euros, the second placewill receive the lodging for 4 persons with their dogs for two days and the third place receives 4 kennels.
Article about the effect of training techniques on learning's efficiency (click).

9/6/14- SM 2014 (finland): program, webpage.
BCCZ 2014 (czech rep.): results. Courses from andre mauer (1, 2, 3, 4, 5).
On line course with jouni orenius & isabelle emanuelsson (click). the cost is 79 dollars and there is a 10 dollars discount in june. Trailer (click, IE).
Facebook: about the rules when a dog drops a hurdle (agilitystas) and about weave handling (agility europe).
Videos: individual finals from belgian shepherd world cup (click, IE).
A&C 2015: logo for the event (click); it belongs to anderson gomes.

8/6/14- Courses: Marjo Heino (1, 2, 3), regionals in canada (1, 2, 3, 4).
Photos on facebook: trials in southfrica, brazil, suitzerland, seminar with jenny damm (sweden) in poland.
Spain: ranking from ADACV was updated (click).
Videos: daisy peel with juno (click, IE) & frodo (click, IE), national championship in spain (facebook), trainings from vivy & jem (click, IE) and paulo & blanka (facebook) with brazilian national team.
EO 2014: program (click).

7/6/14- Live stream from the spanish national championship (click).
England: junior team for the ‘agility for juniors european cup’ in germany on october 4-5 (facebook); courses from the quali trials (facebook).
Switzerland: the rheinau agility halle will open again in august (click).
Canada: courses from the regional (1, 2, 3).
Blog action day: articles about the meaning of succes by severals authors (click).
France: more frome touche pas à mon trois on changes that have not appeared at the agility organisation from their country (facebook). The dismiss of Serge Félix (facebook).
Courses by anders virtanen in finland (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7).
Videos: daisy peel & juno (facebook).

6/6/14- This weekend is the final of spanish national championship with live stream judged by bernd hüppe (austria) & esteban diez (click). Czech Rep.: International border collie championship judged by mirja lapanja (slovenia), andre mauer (luxembourg), jirina mackova with 209 registrations (click). England: seminar with lisa frick (austria). Canada: regional championships in british columbia and ontario. Colombia: cometition for the championship antioqueño in medellin. Argentina: second competition from teh national championship in santa fe (facebook).. Uruguay: seminar with luciano peccin (argentina) at river plate's field in montevideo.
Brazil: Marcela Françoso & Kadu are in the national team after the abdication of marcela & simba and the next in the list tiago & happy (1, 2).
A&C 2015: one of this logo will win the chance to be the one of the event (click).
France: program of the final of the ‘grand prix de france’ (click).
Tamas Traj: has updated his judging calendar (facebook); se agregaron fechas en hungría y japón.
WAO 2015: photos of the ring (facebook).
Videos: commercial of amil (brazil) on overweight children with a Border Collie (click, IE), Tuulia Liuhto & sahti (finland) (click, IE), marcy mantell & stripe (USA) at regional NW (click, IE).

5/6/14- courses: mia laamanen (1, 2), rene blank (.jpg).
Spain: Cane sport is a new place to train agility with an open door and an indoor (sand) field in galicia (click) with obstacles from galican; costs and timetable. the finals of national championship this weekend have live stream.
Seminars: aupdated calendar frommarco giavoni with seminars in france, USA and italy (facebook).
Agility nerd: short sequences for training wraps, 180, serpentines, threadles (click).
EO 2014: collars and leashes designed for the event. there are different options: a pre order (and it will be available for pick up at the event), shopping during the trials, international shipment (webpage, facebook, price list, on line store).
Brazil: upgrades during copa segio de castro (click). Next trials: I copa tudo de cão at haras raphaela on june 20-21 in sao paulo, double trial of local championship in parana on june 14-15 (information, partial registration list), primera copa astro de agility in río de janeiro on june 22 de junio. Video from tudo de cão (click, IE).
Argentina: videos from the Tv interview to pablo behrendt & nicole manes (1 (IE), 2 (IE)). Informaction about next trial for national championship in santa fé on june 8 at a soccer 5field and judged by domingo boncompagni & priscilla blanco (facebook); some clarifications from the group agility santa fé (facebook). Photos from local south championship where dogs from chile run (facebook: 1, 2, 3).

3/6/14- Estonia: ranking of the quali for FCI WC 2014 ( click).
USA: Agility nerd has updated his blog with comments and video on a course by frank holik (click). Valor, virtual agility league, is a non traditionalleague (click).
Switzerland, FCI WC 2014 team members (click).
Brazil Bona & Zezinho, national champions, had won the Copa sergio de castro this weekend( facebook portal do border). All the team members at FCI WC 2014 (click).
Videos in Finland with Janita & Fu (click, IE).
Courses from last weekend by Kees Stoel (netherlands) in leverkusen- germany (1, 2, 3, 4, 5), jan egil eide at FMBB (1, 2), gabi steppan (click).

2/6/14- FMBB videos from the event (click), photos by juukka patynene (click), photos on facebook from saturday & friday Hundefotografie Christine Faltner.
USA article about Brave the new puppy of Tori Self (click) and of daisy peel & juno (click)
Videos in Finland with Janita, jaakko, Fu & Zen(click, IE), jaakko &Dao (click, IE) and the challenge of janita & Fu (click, IE) . Video from a student at Silvia trkman puppy graduation (click, IE). Polona bonac, Roo, Sja at lasts competitions (click, IE). Andreas pollich & Ray in germany (Facebook tanja pollich. The IFCS 2014 by linda orton hill (click, IE)
Courses from the agility final at FMBB by Seppo Savikko (click), by tamas traj (hungary) in sweden (1, 2), by David Powell in france (click).

1/6/14- FMBB 2014: live stream agility (free), IPO (not free). results. Facebook of the teams France,Austria,Czech Rep..
Courses from this weekend: gabi steppan ( click),jan egileide at FMBB ( click), veronika herendy ( click), seppo savikko (click ), rico foelix at quali in switzerland (agility large,jumping medium small, jumping large,agility medium/small).

31/5/14- FMBB 2014: agility live stream (forfree), IPO (not free). results.
Discdog national german championship will take place next weekend in hamburg (webpage, banner).
Slovenia: results from today (click).
Switzerland: partial results from the last quali of this weekend (click).
Courses from seppo savikko at fmbb (click y de Magne Alden in sweden (1, 2, 3, 4).
Video at the quali in austria of anna schober & Joy (click, IE).
USA livestream of purina incredible challenge 2014 (1, 2).

previous updates are in spanish

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