30/9/14- We had to move to (here).
Sascha grunder is one of the judges of next FCI world cup. Comments about one of his ‘superb courses’ and judgings last weekend (facebook: jérémy chomienne, Elodie Moser Mathieu Chassaing, Agnès Berthe).
USA: Dr Sophia Yin died unexpectedly (.jpg). She worked on understanding animal behavior and a big part of her material is free (1, 2, 3). philosophy, free downloads, books, video, curriculum.
Martina Klimesova: ‘When Kiki was puppy and young lady, some people told me "she is too shy, she is too slow, she is too small, she is too...” I never understand what they wanted to say. I didnt want to have an agility champion I wanted to have a friend’ (facebook).
Seminars with lisa frick (austria) & tereza kralova (czech rep.) in italy on march 19 2015 (facebook), in united kingdom in june (facebook).
Videos from national championship in czech rep. from dogsports cz: jan smocek & grima (click, IE), radovan liska & oress en agility (IE y jumping (IE), lenka prokesova & dorka (click, IE), kiki vs dorka (click, IE), martina klimesova & kiki (click, IE). Videos: final from dog chow disc cup in poland (facebook dog chow polska), national championship from czech rep. (click, IE), moxie, a 4months puppy (click, IE), nicky manes with roy (click, IE) & brahma (click, IE) in argentina.
Courses: patrick bucher in germany (1, 2, 3, 4, 5), Anton Kudrin in russia (1, 2, 4, 5), magden alden in goetborg (1, 2). Exercises from Birgitta Hermansson (.jpg).

29/9/14- FCI WC 2015: the new dates are october 8-11 (facebook alexander beitl).
A&C 2015 in brazil: sandra deidda (italy) will be one of the judges (facebook). she will also judge next FCI world cup.

28/9/14- Canada: auction for raising funds for Luke, a baby from agility world fighting against leukemia (facebook); the deadline for offering is monday october 27. Susan garrett has donated a spot for her courses of contact success (facebook), puppy peaks (facebook), handling 360 (facebook) and an original t shirt from 2010 IFCS agility national team (facebook). Tamsu learning center has donated a spot on justine davenport's course (facebook). Laura campbell donated a photo from critter cliks (facebook).
Rubber on the run: 20 % discount on the skins until october 3 (click).
Videos: austria national team at world cup (click, IE), elina & kiss (click, IE), tereza kralova & nice at national championship in czech rep. (click, IE), Dita & Anita Szilagyi from hungary (click, IE), dobby & Maarja Haljasmäe (click, IE), puppy camp in united kingdom (facebook), zahara (shetland from maria valladares's kennel) & livia (rio de janieor, brazil) in portugal (click, IE).
Czech rep.: results from national championship (click).
Border collie puppies planned for late 2015 in italy from raz & ray the parents of lisa frick & tereza kralova's last puppies (facebook ingrid rogger).
Seminar with mike peter (luxembourg) at Agility Halle Saarburg (germany) on october 25- 26 (facebook).
Japan: agility magazine (webpage, facebook).

27/9/14- This weekend: Rep. checa: XXII agility championship in liberec (start list). Spain: 7 double trials for the RSCE (click); frisbee seminar in l'almozara (.jpg). Greece: double trial juudged by segio ascenzi (facebook). France: ‘grand prix de france of cross canin’ (.jpg, information, resgitration list). Italy: Giorgio Bettariga is the judge of the competition in felino, parma (.pdf); trials in torino judged by Paolo Rebasti & Emiel Vervoort (.pdf), Villa Potenza judged by sandra deidda (.pdf), vicenza judged by Paolo Rebasti & Livia Pivetta Piccinni (.pdf) trilas for the master in genova, novara, Reggio Emilia. Canada & USA: tour with jenny damm (click). Colombia: leonardo vela is teh judge of bogota's open (click). Argentina: first argentinian judging forum 2014 only open for judges(.jpg) and a new trial for copa confraternidad in buenos aires (facebook); they are collecting bottle caps to help an animal shelter (facebook).
Brazil: information on venues for the first competitions of national championship 2014 and 2015 in sao paulo (click). updated ranking from copa paulista.
Linda mecklenburg is doing a survey on facebook about how dogs access to grade 3 at differents countries (1, 2). Comments from daisy peel & linda mecklenburg about developping jumping skills and if it has to be sustained in time (facebook). The discussion about how to build the course was withdrawn because some people understood it has to be done in private lists only for judges (facebook linda mecklenburg).
Susan Garrett: video about tricks for fitness (click, IE).

25/9/14- Finland: national junior, senior and para agility championship (1, 2). Omie,Hitti & Fu tooked part of junior championship with Suvi Reini, Maria Sori, Kim Berglund; Omie also particpated in senior with Anu Saikku-Backstrom.
UK: ‘puppy camp’ with Lucy Kate Osborne & dan shaw (facebook). November and october trainingsfor the olympia with dan shaw & dave munnings (facebook).
France: information of agility golden 3 on 22- 23 november in rennes (1, 2). Balance of the meeting from CNEAC on 9-10 august (.pdf).
Videos: budweisser's commercial ‘friends are wainting’ (click, IE), herding with nina (puppy from thorbes moreira) in brazil (click, IE), stefa (pig) doing dog tricks and agility (click, IE), famous (rat) from nana border collie (click, IE), Fosse & Rocko at PAWC (click, IE), Tao (Mawlch Vorkosigan, puppy from alen marekovic) with 16 weeks (click, IE), ‘living for agility’ from isabelle emanuelsson (click, IE), kiwi (caniche puppy) learning tricks in chile (click, IE).
FCI WC 2014: the videos from agility vision are ready for download (1, 2); the video on demand is until 30 september. Balance from Canada, jenny damm, finland. The best photos from ian watts (click). Video of Roy Fonteijn (holanda) in individual jumping (facebook).

24/9/14- Jenny Damm: lucie dessureault's comments on facebook about the seminar in canada. Videos: gossip & kim cullen (click, IE).
Courses: tamas traj (hungary) from last weekend (1, 2, 3, 4), Toshiyuki Oba (judge of the EO 2015) in osaka (1, 2).
Germany: regulationsfor EO 2015 & FCI WC 2015 quali (click), registration form.
AKC agility invitational: canadian handlers (click).
EO 2015: photos of the ring (click). address in google maps (click). For people that usually go to world cups, it is the same place where FCI WC 2010 took place, but outdoors.

23/9/14- Brazil: results from local championships in sao paulo (sábado3, domingo), río de janeiro (sábado3, domingo).
Border collie puppies in netherlands registered at FCI and ISDS from kennel wannahave (1, 2). Puppies from ignition border collie (USA) have moved to mexico (1, 2).
Croatian international working championship is on november 21- 23. The deadline for registrations is october 15. registrations, program, news, lodging.
Seminars: workshops at say yes (canada) on november and december with jessica patterson, justine davenport, Robby Porter (click).
Herding: the finals for USA's national championship 2015 is on september 22- 27 in california (click).
Kayl Mc Cann: comments about her trip with dogs and lufthansa (facebook): ‘... But the people at Lufthansa are wonderful ...’.
Videos: running contacts from anne lenz, chi, mia in germany (click, IE), slow motion from flyball national championship in czech rep. (click, IE), finn's running contacts with isabelle emanuelsson (click, IE), fetch granting pleasure is back with sheeps after 7 years (click, IE).
FCI WC 2014: grégory bielle bidalot & cayenne in jumping team (facebook). comments from ricardo santolaya cruz from spain (facebook).

22/9/14- Courses: gabi steppan this weekend (agility 3, agility open), david powell in france l (agility 1, agility 3, agility 2, GPF, open, jumping +), matej cucek at slovenian cup's final (1, 2, 3, 4), quali trial for large at swiss championship (click). Training courses: Birgitta Hermansson facebook, .jpg), andrea deeg (click).
BCC 2015: is on july 31- august 2 in luxembourg (click).
Facebook agility europe: Ville Liukka (finland) is searching for trails on february 14-15 or 21-22 (facebook).
Several links: photos from a trial in japan (facebook). Brazil: photos from local championship at a golf venue in pernambuco (facebook); information about chicken camp with terry ryan (click). Argentina: tomorrow is the last day for registering to an unofficial judge meeting (facebook agility argentina). Spain: comments about the seminar with alberto costas at canesport (facebook), photos from the trial in maresme (facebook), obedience seminar with aneta migas on december 5-7 (.jpg). USA: information about agility trial during westminster (click).
FCI WC 2014: video from Michele Taffijn-du Bois (click, IE) and simulcam frome guy blancke with esmeralda vs dizzy (click, IE). photos from ian watts, Martin Rimby; more photos & videos (click). Special offer from ian watts (facebook). Comments from samy wroblewski from brazil (facebook), manu melain from france (facebook).

21/9/14- Slovenia: resultfrom this weekend of the slovenian national cup (click) and final ranking (click).
Finland: national junior championship. results, video, photos. Results from the trial in lieto (click).
Online course with michaela brandstetter from austria (click).
Jenny Damm: interview with jenny damm (swedish, google translator to english.
Coursess: andrea deeg in germany (.pdf), Simone Lohr in germany (jumping 3 large, agility 3 medium, 3), Svetlana Zolotnikova in estonia (agility 1 (1, 2, 3), jumping 1, jumping 2, agility 2 (1, 2, 3), beginners (1, 2), agility 3 (1, 2, 3), jumping 3), Jocke Tangfelt in sweden (1, 2), dan butcher (1, 2, 3).
Puppies border collie: planned for in autumn/ winter 2015 (of europa) in poland out of fetch granting pleasure & ei way amica amore (.jpg). puppies parson russel in germany (click).
Videos: Tori self & revolution in USA from this weekend (1 (IE), 2 (IE)).

20/9/14- Austria: results from the quali for EO 2015 today (.pdf) and updated ranking (.pdf).
Spain: agility seminar with alberto costas on december 13- 14 in tenerife (.jpg). The ‘VI copa de agility del perro de aguas español’ is on november 9 during IFEPA (.jpg).
Chile: results from national championship judged by artur pires (brazil- portugal) on september 6-7 (individual, teams).
Videos: exercises from daisy peel in usa (click), running contacts with isabelle emanuelsson andinn (facebook), commercial for mazda (click, IE), tricks with Momo (berger des pyrénées puppy) from barbara rozman in slovenia (click, IE), border collie sailing (click), quali for Ifema and national championship in spain (click, IE).
Clean run is planning a serie of articles from Helen King ‘when running fasteris not an option’ (facebook); video (IE).
Border collie puppies planned in finland. Fu (janita leinonen) willbe mated with Ice -(gravlund-krat) from denmark (facebook).
FCI WC 2014: playlist with videos from guy blanckewith overlays from agility vision's recordings (youtube); twovideoswith different moves for solving a part of a course part 1 (IE), part 2 (IE), overlay with tobias wüst/ reav & lisa frick/ hoss (click, IE). anna eifert's statistics (.jpg). Comments from thomas raczka (france) on facebook.

19/9/14- This weekend, sascha grunder is judging in japan (facebook). Austria: Rudi Pöhl & Gabi Steppan are the judges of the last competition for the master (facebook). Spain: 5 double trials for RSCE and one for ADACV (click); information about the trials in eslon, godayla, seminar with alberto costas at canesport (click). USA: jenny Damm & miss lilli begin their northamerican tour (1, 2, 3). Brazil: double trial for copa paulista at dog world (sao paulo) judged by dan wroblewski, renan campos, augusto ferreira, otavio ferreira (information, registration list), single trial for local championship in pernambuco judged by Alexandre Borges, Maviael Bernardo (information, registration list), double trial for local championship in rio de janeiro judged by rodrigo barsanti, flavio alves, giovanni barsanti, marcus vinicius (information, registration list). Peru: domingo boncompagni (argentina) is the judge of national championship's trial (.jpg).
Norwegian open 2014: registrations open again this weekend for one day or until the maximum limit of registrations is reached (facebook, how to register). It will be on october 18-19; the judges are sascha grunder (switzerland, judge of FCI WC & FMBB 2015), anders virtanen (finland, judge of EO 2015), alex beitl (germany), Rolli Schiltz (luxembourg), gabi steppan (austria).
Software: course designer for android (click).
Seminars: more seminars with alex beitl & krisztina kabai (germany) and Elina Jänesniemi (one mind, finland) were added at agility park (click). Course with jeremy chomienne (france) for 60 euros per day at agility school (.jpg). Course ‘let's play’ with polona bonac (slovenia) starts on monday (1, 2). One mind offers to try premium membership for a day at 5 euros (click).
FCI WC 2015: webpage under construction (click).
FCI agility commission: report of the meeting on september 15 (.pdf). they talked about the WAO and the position of the FCI at one special point.
FCI WC 2015: the hall is 10 minutes away from the airport; they have wifi. The judges are sascha grunder & sandra deidda, while the contact judge will be designated on february. For teh next years the proposal are: 2016 spain, 2017 sweden, 2018 finland, 2019 czech rep. (Brazil was going to be the second experience of a world cupoutside europe but it doesn&39;t appear anymore). They have approved the dates for FCI WC 2016, it will be on september 23- 25 in zaragoza.
EO 2015: due to the fact taht there were no proposal to held it, it was decided to do it in germany on grassat the vecinity of teh place were the FCI WC 2010 tooked place in rieden. The foreigner judges are Toshiyuki Oba, anders virtanen local judges will be approved on february. Proposals for the following years are: 2016 france, 2017 netherlands; it will aslo be vote on february if teh registration will cost 40 euros/ 2 days and 30 euros/ 1 day and to check teh microchip after each run, among others prpoposlas.
EOJ 2015: will be at a football stadium with artificial grass in czech rep. on july 10- 12; registrations closes on may 31. The judges are veronika heremdy, Otto früwirth, lenka pankova, antonyn grygar Proposals for the following years is: 2017 luxembourg. webpage, facebook.
seminar for judges: the next one will be in italy on february 7- 8; the cost is 300 euros. .
pregnant females can not start from 19 days after mating until 12 weeks after birth; this will be added to the rules. the next meeting of FCI agility commission is in bologna (italy) on february 5-6.

18/9/14- Courses: stefanie semkat (germany) in france (agility 1, agility 2, agility 3, GPF), Yvonne Ahlin (click), Halasz Ildiko en hungría. (agility 2, agility 3, agility 1, jumping 0, jumping 1, jumping 2, jumping 3, jumping 0). Training: magne alden in sweden (1, 2, 3, 4, 5), lucie dessureault in canada (.jpg), luciano peccin in argentina (.jpg).
Norwegian open: registrations are close (more than 1800 on saturday). Held on 18-19 october; the judges are sascha grunder (switzerland, judge of FCI WC & FMBB 2015), anders virtanen (finland, judge of EO 2015), alex beitl (germany), Rolli Schiltz (luxembourg), gabi steppan (austria). References (1, 2, 3). program.
Switzerland: the days for teh qualification for EO 2015 (8 and 9 march) and FCI WC 2015 (from 26 april to 31 may) were published; the ones for world cup are one first single competition and two doubles (click).
Canada: on 6-8 december there is a symposium/workshop about fitness, power and conditionning at say yes. Robbie porter will work with the dogs on tricks for body awarness and Dr. Leslie Woodcock about nails, paws and posture. information on facebook, video.
FCI WC 2014: overlay by guy blancke: Pascal Mauroux with Atomic from switzerland (41,69sec) versus Jenny Damm with Lilli (41,03 sec) from sweden suecia in individual agility large. (click, IE); Atomic (groenlander) was at 6 place and was the best noon border. videos: roland & ammy with the first place in jumping individual (click, IE), matej cucek & jazz (click, IE), spain team (click, IE). comments on facebook from grégory bielle bidalot, christelle bouillot (france).

17/9/14- FCI; some resolutions. EO 2015 is in rieden (germany) and the foreign judges are Toshiyuki Oba (japan), Anders Virtanen (finland); it is generally on july's last weekend. JEO 2015 (czech rep.) will be judged by Veronika Herendy (hungary) & Otto Fruhwirth (austria). FCI WC 2015 is in bologna (italy)on 1- 4 october; the judges are Sandra Deidda (italy) & Sascha Gründer (switzerland) and the venue might be unipol arena. References from facebook (roman lukac, dave munnings, sasha grunder).
Silvia trkman has updated her blog with an article about the world cup (click).
Herding: the world cupchampion almost died some days after becoming best of the world (click).
Jaakko Suoknuuti: Zen is retiring from internationalcomeptitions at the age of 9 years and 8 months (facebook).
FCI WC 2014: agility vision offers video on demand (available until september 30) and files for download at 14.75 dollars (click). The world cup is mentonned in a webpage from austria (click). jenny damm's comments on facebook.

16/9/14- Germany: calendar of the quali for EO 2015 and FCI WC 2015 (.pdf).
FCI: more than 500 signatures were collected in 2 days(during FCI WC) for the petition against the table in agility into the regulations. Upon Roman Lukac it will be out at the new regulations (facebook: 1, 2).
FCI WC 2014: video of a corgi, a non usual breed at this kind of event (click, IE), overlay by guy blancke Jenny Damm with Lilli (41.09 sec) vs Zumthurn Silvan with Fleece (40.27 sec one fault) in agility large (click, IE), video by agility vision about france team large (click, IE), agility of olli (finland) who won a bronze medal in medium (click, IE), video general by RTL (click), overlay with Lisa Frick & Hoss (33.31 sec) vs Justine Davenport & double J Summit ( 33.40 sec) in jumping large (click, IE). Numbers by Aki Tomita (1, 2, 3).

15/9/14- FCI WC 2014: agility courses small, medium, large.
Results small (agility, agility + jumping), medium (agility, agility + jumping), large (agility, agility + jumping),
At agility large: 1- jenny damm & Lilli (sweden, 41.03), 2- Lisa frick & Hoss (austria, 41.09), 3- monika Rylska & Chica (poland, 41.44), 4- jessica Patterson & trix (canada, 41.48) 5 Rene Jeppesen & Cash (denmark, 41.54).
In agility + jumping large: 1- Lisa frick & Hoss (austria), 2- jenny damm & Lilli (sweden), 3- desiree Snelleman & Pace (USA), 4- Sicignano Gervasio & Winky (italy), 5- jessica paterson & trix (canada).
In agility medium: 1- kiki(czech rep., mudi), 2- esmeralda (austria, Kromfohrläander, 37.03), 3- olli (finland, Kooikerhondje, 37.54), 4- dora (brazil, border collie, 37.87), 5- chips (austria, shetland, 37.88).
In agility + jumping medium: 1- kiki (czech rep., mudi), 2- esmeralda, 3- olli (finland, Kooikerhondje), 4- chips (autria, shetland), 5- nick (alemania, shetland).
In agility small: 1- primadona (denmark), 2- amiga (sweden), 3- jet (germany), 4- kiss (germany), 5- twister (italy).
In agility + jumping small: 1- jet (germany), 2- eyleen (switzerland), 3- kira (slovenia), 4- little miss abby (netherlands), 5- liz (norway).
overlay: lisa frick vs jenny damm in large (click, IE), kiki vs esmeralda in medium (click, IE), dizzy vs esmeralda in medium (click, IE), kiki vs le in medium (click, IE). More photos & videos.

14/9/14- FCI WC 2014: news, photos & videos. webpage, live stream, program. Running orders. Spreadsheets to fill (small, medium, large; anypne with the link can do it. Non official (1, 2) and official (click) results.
Courses for individual jumping large (jozef van eester), small (jozef van eester), medium (jos thines), and for team agility small (jozef van eester).
Results from saturday: individual jumping large, small, medium; teams agility small (teams, ), jumping + agility).
JUMPING LARGE: 1- lisa frick &amnp; hoss (austria, 33.31s), 2- justine davenport & summit (canada, 33.4), 3- beoni & brie (italy, 33.78), 4- marje piroja (& sussi (estonia, 33.97), 5- tobias wust & reav (germany, 33.96).
JUMPING SMALL: 1- amy (slovenia, parson, 30.25), 2- coopy (japan, shetland, 30.48), 3- eyleen (switzerland, shetland, 31.05), 4- kira (slovenia, parson, 31.17), 5- dread of star (france, poodle, 31.28).
JUMPING MEDIUM: 1- dizzie (great britain, border collie, 30.38), 2- esmeralda (austria, kromfohrlander, 30.59), 3- le (slovenia, berger des pyrenees, 30.81), 4- kiki (czech rep., mudi, 31.18), 5- demeter (france, shetland, 31.65).
AGILITY POR EQUIPOS SMALL: 1- germany, 2- spain, 3- sweden, 4- france, 5- czech rep..
JUMPING + AGILITY EQUIPOS SMALL: 1- germany, 2- spain, 3- switzerland, 4- latvia, 5- slovakia.

13/9/14- FCI WC 2014: updates, photos & videos. webpage, live stream, program. Running orders small, medium, large. Non official (1, 2) and official una vez concluía la prueba (click) results.
Courses from jozef van eester (jumping medium, agility large), jos thines (jumping small, agility medium).
Results from jumping team (medium (teams individually), small ( teams individually)), agility team (large (teams individually), medium (teams individually)), agility + jumping medium, large).
LARGE: in teams 1- france, 2- great britain, 3- switzerland, 4- japan, 5- canada, in agility 1- france, 2- estonia, 3- great britain, 4-switzerland, 5- japan.
MEDIUM: in teams 1- USA, 2- france, 3- brazil, 4- hungary, 5- switzerland, in agility 1- hungary, 2- USA, 3- france, 4- brazil, 5- finland, in jumping 1- poland, 2- Switzerland, 3- germany, 4- france, 5- brazil.
SMALL: in jumping 1- russia, 2- italy, 3- germany, 4- slovakia, 5- switzerland.
Best times: tobias wüst & reav (border collie, germnay) in agility large, renaud castelain & demeter (shetland, france) in jumping medium, natasha wise & dizzie (great britain, border collie) in agility medium, elena kapustina & tekna (parson, russia) in jumping small.

12/9/14- FCI WC 2014: team jumping large the firsts places went to 1- sweden, 2- france, 3- italy, 4- usa, 5- UK; nearly all countries endede with very few faults. Considering individuals results, the firsts places went to 1- justine davenport & summit (canada) 2- lisa frick & hoss (austria), 3 jenny damm & lilli (sweden), 4- denis beoni & brie (italy), 5 gregory bielle bidallot & cayenne (france). pista (jos thines). oficials results equipos por corredor.
TODAY: team jumping small and medium (orden de salida); then team largeand medium agility. program.
news, photos & videos. webpage and live stream.

11/9/14- This weekend, luxembourg hosts the FCI WC 2014 judged by jozef van eester & jos thines (webpage, program, live stream, running orders for team and individual trials, results). Spain: 5 double trials for RSCE (click); information from the competitions in gijon (facebook agilitystas: 1, 2). Italy: 3 trials for master (1, 2, 3). Austria: competitions judged by rudolf pöhl (.pdf), robert smolnig (.pdf), gabi posch (.pdf). Germany: 11 trials in düssedorf, bramstadt, ketsch, neuss norf, grubnitz, stuttgart, troisdorf, Vellberg- Groβaltdorf, Möckmühl (click). Costa rica: ‘torneo de la patria’. Uruguay: single competition for the national championship.
Japan WAO 2015 is on 28 february- 1 march 2015 (webpage, facebook).
Peru: the fourth national competition judged by domingo boncompagni (argentina) is on september 20-21 (facebook).
Italy: article about world cup's national team (click).
Bad dog agility: tips for world cup's live stream and how watching the agility world championship can improve your agility performance.
FCI WC2014 begins with the training of all the countries (.pdf), the open ceremony at 14:30 luxembourg time (9:30 in sao paulo, 8:30 at east cast (USA)) and team large trial (30 countries) at 16 hs luxembourg time (11 hs in sao paulo, 10 hs east coast) judged by jos thines (.pdf). live stream. news. Photos on facebook: agility gallery (1, 2), Infoseite Österreichisches Agility WM-Team (gala dinner), USA agility team (1, 2), sandra deidda, roman lukac.

10/9/14- Pistas: jos thines (judge from next weekend's world cup) in austria (1, 2, 3, 4), rene blank (agility 3, jumping open, jumping 3), Andreas Silfverberg (agility, jumping), seppo savikko (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7).
Videos: tamas traj (hungary) in poland (facebook), dogs, photography and holidays in slovenia (click, IE), PAWC 2014 (facebook), all the steps from a running contacts training with a poodle (click, IE), mirja lapanja & cuba (click, IE), matej cucek & jazz (click, IE), commercial from 1988 with a saint bernard (click, IE). very special video from river's graduation at puppy tricks course with silvia trkman (click, IE).
Clean run: a serieof articles from one mind is being published. They have subscriptions for digital and printed magazine at 29.95 dollars (digital) and 48- 72 dollars if itis printed (click); each edition costs 5- 5 dollars depending if it is digital or printed edition (click). One mind published the list and offers 3 of them for premium memebers (click).
FCI WC 2014: videos from the teams from sudáfrica (click, IE), switzerland (click, IE). The vet check starts today for some countries; there is also a judge meeting and the team leaders meeting; the detailed scheduling with the trials from each day (and their order)is not on the webpage anymore but some information is available from agility vision&'s webpage and from cache.

8/9/14- Article by tori self about her dogs and training with revolution & brave (click).
Courses: by david powell in france (agility 1, agility 2, GPF, agility open, agility open, jumping, jumping +), junior championship in czech. rep (1, 2, 3), andré mauer (luxembourg) in latvia on 16- 17 august (click).
Argentina: information about a new competition for copa confraternidad on september 28 in buenos aires (facebook). Forum on judging FAJA 2014 on september 27 in buenos aires (facebook); the goal is working to unify criteria for course design for different grades and how to transfom a base course into courses for the different level, regulations & guidelines's interpretation, differences between courses for medium/ small and large.
Brazil: information of the double trial of local championship in rio de janeiro on 20-21 september (click). Last festival at dog world had 65 registrations (facebook). New facebook by fabi ‘cafe com agility’ (facebook).
Spain: information about copa catalunya on may 2015 (.pdf).
Austria: results of Staatsmeisterschaft judged by Sascha Grunder (switzerland), Jos Thines (luxembourg) from last weekend (click).
Canada: applications are open for the AKC invitational in USA until september 15 (click). Requirements for the selection of the team manager for 2015 (click).
Slovenia: photos from Agility Hrusica 2014 facebook.
FCI WC 2014: all the information we find for the event will be here. Googledrive's preadsheets to complete with results, page taht orders the results and give the running order for the second course in individual; there is a spreadsheet that can only be viewed (no edition allowed) but can be copied (large, medium, small) and a spreadsheet that can be edited by anyone with the link (large, medium, small).

7/9/14- Courses: Nikolas Ruchalski in germany (jumping 1+2, jumping 3 small medium, agility 3 small- medium, agility 2, agility 1), anders virtanen in finland (agility 1, jumping 1, jumping 3 small- medium, agility 3 small, agility 1, agility team small), seppo savikko in norway (1, 2, 3), marjo heino in finland (jumping 2, agility 1, agility 2, jumping 1, agility 2, agility 1), magne alden in norway (1, 2).
Seminars: photos from a seminar with krisztina kabai & alexander beitl: photos (1, 2). Mary Ellen Barry will be at winter camp 2015 organized by karen holik in jnauary in USA (facebook). On 21 september there is a seminar about training contacts with dave munnings in UK (facebook).
Jersey european agility festival 2015: judges are Pascale Crespel (france), Jane James, Pat Partridge & Graham Partridge (UK), Anita Le Masurier (jersey), Jordi Navarro (spain). Reference on facebook. Herding: on 9 september begins the national sheepdog finals 2014 in USA (webpage, facebook). program.
Switzerland: results from national championship judged by sandra deidda (italy), mia laamanen (finland), ursinglin (switzerland) & alen marekovic (croatia) in august (1, 2). The winners were martin eberle & eyleen (shetland) in small, letizia grunder & nomade (mudi) in medium, martin eberle & french (border collie) in large; además de ganar en small y large, martin eberle quedó en segundo lugar en medium con su shetland kayo. Pistas.
Puppies border collie expected on december 2014 in denmark at all zet (click. The dam is Do it, out of Sony (japan) X Darleyfall's I'm The Stig. The sire is Esh from breeder Austrian starlight. The litters from Austrian starlight were with dogs that were sire at granting pleasure (germany), with Darleyfalls No Feer (england) and with rising sun dark raider. Esh has in his lines hank - quincy von thurmof (father of the most reknown dogs from granting pleasure).
FCI WC 2014: austrian team publised the map with the stadium and the distribution (.jpg, facebook).

6/9/14- Live stream from IMCA PAWC in italy and world sheepdog trials in united kingdom.
Courses: jan egil eide in oslo (1, 2, 3, 4), magne alden in sweden (1, 2, 3).
ISDS world championship : running order for the final (click). Glengregg Silver (running in second place) is only 17 months old. results from the semi finals (click). Photos: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8.
IMCA PAWC 2014: results. The teams winning at IMCA are germany, netherlands, italy (in large), italy, czech rep., germany (in medium), italy, austria, hungary (in small).
Spain: federación gallega. updated rules and 2014- 2015 calendar.
Videos: OMD camp in finland (click), zezinho & bona (brazil) training for the agility world cup (click, IE).
IFCS 2015: canadian teams are confirmed (click). Some of the qualified are Kayl McCann, Lynda Orton Hill, Adrian Rooyakkers, Laura Campbell.
FCI WC 2014: videos from finish team (click, IE), spain (click, IE).

5/9/14- This weekend is the IMCA PAWC in italy (program, results, live stream). Germany: Ernst Schauwecker is judging in Leiningen, Alex Beitl, nikolas ruchalski & Jörg Zenner in worms, Matthias Kloβ & Rene Blank in Ludwigsburg, etc. (click). Austria: Sascha Grunder (switzerland), Jos Thines (luxembourg) are the judges in wolfurt (information, running orders for individual and teams runs). United kingdom: ISDS world sheepdog trials (program, live stream, facebook). Spain: 7 double trials for RSCE championship (click). Canada: kayl Mc cann camp (facebook). Brazil: trial ‘theo’ ofdog world's festival (1, 2). Chile: national championship 2014 judged by artur pires (brazil- portugal) in santiago (information, registrations); there will be tunnel cup, individual courses and teams trial. Argentina: ‘copa de las ballenas’ in puerto madryn (.jpg). Uruguay: herding show at rural del prado (montevideo) with alexandre figueiredo and jefferson munhoz from brazil (program, live stream).
Norwegian open 2014: the deadline for registrations is september 15 (1, 2). they are looking for collaboration facebook.
Agility nerd: articleabout warm up for agility dogs (click).
Brazil: the next double trial of copa paulista will be in cotia (click). calendar for local championship 2014-2015 in río de janeiro (click).
Seminars with krisztina kabai, alexander beitl, martina klimesova at ‘agility park’ in germany (click). the next seminars from marco giavoni in italy, USA, France (facebook).
Daisy Peel: free spots for listeners at her course ‘Precision Handling & International Precision Handling’ (1, 2).
FCI WC 2014: webpage from brazilian national team (webpage, facebook). Photos from France, Luxembourg, italy.

4/9/14- Seminars with anna eiffert (hungary) in USA during 2014- 2015 (click); she also has semianrs in switzerland and germany. Seminars with tiago (brazil) in villa la angostura (argentina) on november 17-18, 20-21 (click).
WAO 2015: the judge Arjen van Gastel is not going to take aprt of the event and Bart de Decker will judge in his place (facebook).
International sheltie competition 2014: judges, registrations, accomodations.
Clean run: offer valid through september 5. if you buy susan salo's new book, you get a 25% off in one of her dvd (webpage, facebook).
FCI WC 2014: there are two options for the live stream. the cheapper one is live stream + VOD (video on demand after the world cup has finished) and costs 24.85 dollars; the other option gives also the chance of downloading the streams and costs 34.35 dollars. webpage, facebook.
FCI WC 2015: the judges will be announced after the FCI agility commission's meeting on september 15 (facebook). Up to FCI's rules, the only requirement is thet both judges are not local ones (page 13), and this allows to have two foregin judges. but, normally there is always a local judge designed. Some of the most known international agility judges from italy (that did not judge previously a world cup) are Angelo Lione (the was second in the list for FCI WC 2013's judges and is the italian trainer for the EO), sandra deidda (judged EO 2013 and is the italian trainer for FCI WC 2014) and the judges from the EO junior 2014 sergio ascenzi & fulvio frixione.

3/9/14- IMCA PAWC 2014 starts tomorrow (click). program, start list, results, live stream.
Silvia Trkman: registrations for agility foundations course are available (facebook, webpage); the course starts at the end of september.
Outside the ring is the subject suggested at dog agility blog events with articles at the main blogs from USA & Canada (click).
ISDS world championship is on september 3- 6. program, live stream, facebook.
Courses: bernd hüppe in hungary (agility 3, tunnel cup), magne alden in sweden (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6), lee gibson in germany (1, 2, 3, 4, 5). Courses from last weekend in canada: september 1 (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8), august 31 (6, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6), august 30 1, 2, 3, 4, 5).

2/9/14- Courses by zeljko gora (croatia) in ireland: agility 1, agility 2, agility 2, agility 2-3, agility 3, jumping 2, jumping 1-2, jumping 1, jumping 2, jumping 3, .
Brazil: in november will be a chicken camp with terry ryan; it helps training any other pet/animal (video (IE)). Camila Sakavicius is trying to find people who wants to send together blood samples for test TNS, CL, CEA on border collies in sao paulo (facebook). Results from local championship in rio de janeiro (1, 2).
Article by patricia Mc Connell about adoption of littermates (click); comments on facebook.
USDAA: courses from western regional championships. Podios (stacey campbell & roo were twice at the podium).
Seminars: jenny damm (sweden) in cadiz (spain) on november 8-9 (click); the cost is 180 euros with dog and 60 euros as an auditor. More seminars and courses: asa emanuelsson (sweden) on october 4-5 in Spain (facebook), anthony clarke in united kingdom (click).
One mind camp 2014: fotos, comments (1, 2, 3, 4), video (click, IE).
FCI WC 2015 is fully defined at the meeting of the FCI agility committee in 15 days. Unofficially it is known that the event will take place in bologna the last weekend in september or the first in october (facebook).
FCI WC 2014: program of the live stream by agility vision (click); cost is 24.85 dollars (click).

1/9/14- France: banner of national junior championship of 25 october (.jpg). Article about freestyle & HTM worldcup in finland (click). Results of a poll for agilitists (.pdf).
Brazil: festival at dog world on 6 september (click). New seminars with polona bonac in sao paulo (click).
Austria: information about winter cup 2014- 2015 (.pdf). The judges are Peter Kindle (switzerland), Fritz Hauser, Mirja Lapanja (slovenia), Sabrina Hauser, Sascha Grunder (switzerland), Gabi Posch, Rolf Graber (switzerland), Wolfgang Tieber.
Slovakia: 4 trials for next year (facebook). Eurocup on octber 11-12, CSI skiper on march 14- 15 2015, sintava cup on may 8-10, slovakia open on august 15-16.
Spain: very good comments about two competitions from last weekend on facebook (el nogueral (1, 2), angels from san anton).
Videos: effy (crollie) first trial at beginner class (click, IE), elina (finland) & omie (click, IE), last competition of alain remund (france) & aspen (click, IE), disc dog en rep. checa (click, IE), marco giavoni (italy) & diavel (click, IE), daisy peel (USA) & solar returning to the ring (click, IE).

31/8/14- Courses: martin ritter in odenheim (agility 1, agility 3, jumping 1-2, agility 2, jumping 3), jan egil eide (1, 2, 3), dan wroblewski (brazil) in peru (agility open, agility open teams, agility 1, agility open 2-3).
Canada: the ‘Albright Canada Cup’ for 2015 will be on july 3-5 (click).
Luxembourg: information about lux winter cup 2014-2015 (click).
Austria: the registrations for ‘agility zirkus’ on october 25- 26 at Dog motion are open (information and partial registration list for saturday, sunday); the judges are Pavol Vakonic, Martina Vakonicova (slovakia). The registrations for ‘Austrian Border Collie Championship’ on november 22- 23 are also open (information and partial registration list for saturday, sunday); the judges are Roman Lukac (slovakia), zeljko gora (croatia).
Double jump: new german design for the second bar thinking in dog's security (facebook lee gibson). Comments on linda mecklenburg's facebook.

30/8/14- Courses: UKI nationals in canada (1, 2, 3, 4, 5). Training courses from Birgitta Hermansson (.jpg), Anna Lindberg (.jpg).
British agility championships 2015 on june 20-21 2015: the judges are Patrick Tunders, Mark Laker (facebook). webpage.
Peru: results from the trial judged by dan wroblewski (brazil) today (1, 2). Courses for agility 1, agility open 2-3, jumping open, jumping open teams.
Argentina: due to weather problems, the workshop with nicky manes has been rescheduled to september 6-7 in buenos aires (.jpg).
Video: how to train agility technics with few pbstacles (click, IE).

29/8/14- Live stream on august 30 from germany (click).
Herding: from 29 august to 4 september is the soldier hollow classic in USA (click). Includes agility trials, splash dog, flyball, etc.
Canada: next AAC nationals is on august 19- 23 2015 (information.
Article from canada ‘sometimes you win, sometimes you learn’ (click).
Courses: byveronika herendy (hungary) in poland (agility 2, agility 3, tunnel cup, agilityopen).
USA: tori self is ofering workshops to places when you can arrive driving from florida (facebook).

28/8/14- This weekend, alen marekovic (croatia) is the judge of a trial in zagreb (click). Germany: summer championship judged by Paul Langhans & Dieter Melzner (.pdf); more trials (click). Austria: several trials for the weekend (.pdf). Italy: agility trials in peruggia (judged by Angelo Lione & Sasha Grunder), verona (judged by fulvio Frixione & Paolo Rebasti), livorno (judged by Giancarlo De Martini), canicross; obedience and herding seminars. Spain: 5 trials for RSCE (click); information about the trials organized by club ladsa, club el nogueral (judged by world cup's judge jos thines), club patas. Argentina: local championship in buenos aires for grade 1 and beginners (facebook). Brazil: double trial for local championship in río de janeiro (información, inscriptos). Colombia: trial organized by dog nexus (information, registrations).
Facebook: janita leinonen (finland) asks about agility tunnels available in europe (facebook).
Brazil: photos from the double trial of copa CBA (facebook). Updated rankings from copa CBA, campeonato mineiro.<
Courses from Anton Kudrin at national championship in russia (1, 2, 3). Training courses (1, 2, 3).
Swiss agility cup 2015 is on august 2-8 (webpage, facebook).
Puerto Rico: they are looking for funds for finishing their training and competting place (click).
Videos: trial in spain (click), letizia & nomade, winners if swiss agility championship last weekend (IE), sabine Westhäußer & Kate vom Rehgebirge (click, IE), david gamba (colombia) training for the world cup (facebook), commercial from nextel (click, IE).
Puppies: 3 females and 3 males from border collie (father)- malinois (mother) from an unexpected litter (facebook). the pedigree from both parents ara mentionned

26/8/14- FCI WC 2014: the live stream from agility vision is available (click); it costs 24.50 dollars.

25/8/14- Courses: martin ritter (jumping 3, agility 3, jumping 1-2, agility 2, agility 1), magne alden (sweden) in denmark (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7), marjo heino in finland (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7), ivan amez in spain (1, 2, 3, 4), dan butcher (.jpg).
Susan Salo: the book ‘Jumping Grid Workbook’ will be available in october at clean run (facebook).

24/8/14- Courses: rene blank (germany) in czech rep. (agility 1, agility 2, agility 3, agility open, jumping open), seppo savikko from finland (1, 2, 3), Nikolas Ruchalski from germany (jumping open 1-2, agility 1, agility 2, agility 3, jumping 3), jan egil eide (norway) in poland (agility 3, jumping open, agility final), sandra deidda from italy (agility quali large, jumping quali small- medium, jumping final large, agility final small- medium).
Spain: results from the trial in cantabria this week (click).
Argentina: cocerage of last trial of copa confraternidad in santa fé (click).
FCI WC 2014: video presenting netherland'la team (click, IE).

23/8/14- This weekend: takes place the SNAC sheltie national agility cup in germany webpage, running orders, facebook). United kingdom: weave proofing with lucy osborne (.jpg). Luxembourg: summer championship (orunning order, program). Finland: one mind dog camp (webpage, facebook). italy: Fulvio Frixione & Paolo Rebasti are the judges in modena (.pdf). Spain: last days of a full week with agility trials organized by agility euskadi (.jpg); ivan amez juzga el open ibérico en galicia (1, 2). USA: ‘Vashon Sheep Dog Classic’ (webpage, facebook, video (IE)). Australia: seminar with daisy ppel (usa) in perth (click). Mwxico: fecha del torneo de la UCAM (.png); fecha del campeonato regional. Colombia: G. Villa is judging the trials for local and national championship in medellín. Argentina: agility show in santa fé (.jpg); worksop with nicky manes in buenos aires (.jpg).
Germany: agility trial on september 6-7 for 200 dogs (.jpg).
Australia: the prizes for the raffle at Earthborn Premier Pet ADAA National Grand Prix 2014 on october 3-6 are agility obstacles, classes, photography sessions, accessories for dogs, etc (facebook Agility Dog Association of Australia). Program for the agility trial, registrations (facebookg).
One mind camp: Photos taken by jukka patynen.
Brazil: information about third and fourth trial of local championship in río de janeiro on august 30-31 (click); the judges are rodrigo barsanti, flavio alves, giovanni barsanti, marcus vinicius. the deadline for registrations is august. Partial registration list.

21/8/14- Agility German classics 2014 on november 22- 23. rules and requirements for the individual, team trials. The deadline for registrations for individual races is october 15 and for team races october 30 (click). All the dogs can take aprt: with VDH pedigree, with non official pedigree, without pedigree. Females in season can be registered; they will run at the end of each class and have to stay outside of the venue.
Sweden: information about the non official trial on october 5 (click), new year eve in halmstaad arena (.jpg), non official trial on august 23 judged by Angelica Eklund (facebook).
OMD camp 2014 in finland: comments from the last days (1, 2).
Germany: seminars with martin eberle & Silvan Zumthurm on september, Silas Boogk on january 24- 25, Philip Glur on march 7-8 (click).
Chile: the registrations for national championship 2014 on september 6-7 are open (1, 2). The individual and team courses will be designed and judged by artur pires (portugal- brazil) & patricio calderón. Partial registration list. The deadline for registrations is september 3.

20/8/14- Peru: the next trial of national championship is on august 30- 31 and the judge is dan wroblewski from brazil (.jpg). the deadline for registrations is august 22.
France: final of‘grand prix de france de flyball 2014’ is on october 5 (1, 2).
Courses: andré mauer in latvia (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6), luciano peccin at copa confraternidad in argentina (1, 2). Exercises from Birgitta Hermansson in sweden (facebook), Detlev Seidel in germany (facebook), magne alden in sweden (facebook).
Slovakia: tamas traj (hungary) is the judge of ‘Rye Island Cup 2014’ on september 20-21 (.jpg). The eurocup is on october 11-12 (1, 2).
Facebook agility europe: questions about trials in middle europe on september 20-21 (facebook).

19/8/14- EO 2017: luxembourg has approved the nomination of club HSV Beetebuerg as organizer (click).
Videos: bobby dalziel & joe (click, IE), fabiá (6 years old) & thelma (facebook), running contacts from silvia trkman's course (click, IE).
Estonia: Mirja Lapanja (Slovenia) & Svetlana Zolotnikova are the judges for the trial on august 30- 31 (click).
Slovakia: tomas glabazna (czech rep.) is judging on june 20-21 2015 (facebook).
Border collie puppies from Rhea & Solar in USA: 4 females and 4 males; 4 B&W, 4 brown, several are tricolour (facebook).
Brazil: resultsfrom the first two trials of copa CBA (saturday, sunday).
Argentina: podiums from copa confraternidad (facebook); the next trial is on september 14 in buenos aires.
Software for ipad (apple): ‘Agility 1st course designer’ from steve crozford (click) adds to ‘agility imap’ from agility vision (click). Imap also works with iPhone, iPod touch.

18/8/14- Jenny Damm has upcated her blog with an article and video about discrimination tunnel- A frame with Lilli (clikc).
Videos: Le & silvia trkman out of results at BCC 2014 (click, IE), stripe & wave in USA (click, IE), dante camacho (brazil-canada) & smeagal in canada (click, IE), matej cucek (slovenia) & jazz from this weekend (click, IE).
On line course with dave munnings about training 2 on 2 off (click). video (IE).
Seminars with polona bonac (slovenia) in brazil will be on 1 and 9 november (click); one of them with dog is 170 dollars, more than one have discounts from 10to 20%. As an auditor is half price.
WAO 2015: schedule (click).
One mind camp 2014: comments of the first day (click).
Courses: dan wroblewski (brazil) at copa CBA (agility 1, agility open 2-3, jumping open 2-3).
Spain: results of competitions doem last weekend at costa blanca (click). Information of trhe trial at La Noguera Camping-Bungalow (catalunya) on 5-7 september (facebook); with a KO on friday Information of the trial at gijón on 13- 14 september (facebook); judged by Oscar Muñiz.
FCI: poll about activities for youngs with dogs (click).

17/8/14- Seminar with marje piroja on september 16-17 in italy (.jpg).
Courses this weekend: bonnik berthelsen from denmark (1, 2, 3), anders virtanen in finland (jumping 3, team agility, 3C agility, 3D agility, 3 E agility Dennis Lynge Sorensen in sweden (.jpg), magne alden in sweden (1, 2, 3).
Singapore: there was a trial this weekend (click).
New Zeland: trials for 2014 (click).
Videos: first place in jumping grade 1 for jane elene christensen & do it (click, IE), french fans going to fCI WC 2014 (click).
Border collie puppies in USA. the litter from Solar (daisy peel) X Rhea has born (facebook, webpage). Boom (dan butcher), Chopper (Daisy Peel) are puppies from the same mating some years ago. Another litter from lefty X juno is planned (click).

previous updates are in spanish

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