18/4/14- This weekend, lisa frick (austria) & tereza kralova (czech rep.) havea seminar in germany (facebook). More in germany: trial in Löchgau judged by alexander beitl (click), blumberger oster cup (webpage), oster hassen turnier (1, 2, 3), more trials (click). Spain: seminar with gabrielle blackburn (USA) in barcelona facebook); 5 trials RSCE, one of them in asturias during 4 days (click). Italy: trials for master 2014 in suno, confienza, spreziano, pallare; Fulvio Frixione & Ernst Schauwecker (germany) are the judges in legnano (.pdf) y Sandra Deidda & Bruno Piccinelli judge in roma (.pdf). Austria: Hans Fried, Erich Hüttner, Fritz Hauser judge a tunnelcup (individual and teams) and an agility trial in vienna (info, tunnel cup), Michael Steiner judges in vienna (.pdf), Gabi Posch is the judge for the first trial of Seewinkelcup 2014 (info, running order), Erich Hüttner & Mitja Zniaric (Slovenia) are the judges in Leitring (info, running order), Margot Fischer is the judge for osterlauf (info, registrations).
Poland: the quali trial on may 17-18 will be judged by alexander beitl from germany (webpage, facebook). The deadline forregistrations is april 21.
Obstacles: tunnels availablein poland (1, 2).
France: the facebook and webpage of ‘Touche pas à mon 3’ will close; there are someimprovements and the group has not been used lately (facebook).
Spain: There are some free spots as listeners for the seminar with tuulia liuhto (finland) organized by agility indog (facebook); the cost is 50 euros. information about the trial on may 4 in badalona (facebook); all the money (including the bar) will be donated to ‘fundación badalona contra el cáncer’ as it has been done for 13 years. videos from the agility trial in welpe (click).
Courses from kirsten brox (germany) in Rosendahl-Osterwick (click). Training exercise from alen marekovic in croatia (.jpg).

17/4/14- Silvia trkman has updated her webpage: ‘efficiency’.
Clean run: editorial from nancy gyes about spread jumps (.pdf).
France: are looking for volunteers to fill a form in a research about dog agility pathologies (click).
UK: workshops with dave munnings & dan shaw on 2-3 september (facebook).
Courses: by andre mauer (luxembourg) in Petingen (agility open, agility 1, jumping).
Chile: Kennel Club de Chile is collecting food and medicine for dogs and cats victims of the fire in valparaiso (facebook).
Brazil: information of the double trial from local championship in minas gerais on 26- 27 april (click); tiago & artur pires are the judges partial start list.
Jersey european agility festival 2014 del 2-5 de mayo: programa, jueces, órdenes desalida.
Videos of brazil at A&C in peru: zezinho & bona individual champions of the FCI a&c (click, IE), paulo & blanka in team jumping at FCI A&C (click), marcela & dora champions of the gran jumping (click, IE). Others videos: javier sanchez (guatemala) trainig independent serpentines (click, IE), malinois and policeman in europe (facebook). seminars with krisztina kabai (hungary- germany): bona & zezinho in brazil (click, IE), Marion Sihler in germany (click, IE).

16/4/14- Jenny Damm has updated her blog with an article about a new design for sandbags for her tunnels (click). seminar on line by Dog coaches from germany (facebook, webpage).
WAO 2014: advise for dogs going to the event and sand flies risk (facebook world agility open championships).
One Mind Dogs: janita & jaakko will be teaching seminars in denmark, russia and mexico. After that they will be teaching some seminars in europe with foreigners competitors as they will be close to WAO and EO (facebook janita leinonen, webpage). For the seminar in mexico on april 24- 27 in puebla there are 5 spots available (facebook lizbeth alvarado). Information about ‘OMD camp 2014’ on 18-24 august with workshops and competitions (facebook).
Spain: seminar in santiago de compostela with zsuzsa veres (hungary) on 17-18 may (facebook). The cost is 85 euros with dog and 40 as auditor For people that has already registred at the previous seminar the cost is 50 euros and 20 respectively (.jpg).
Susan Garrett will buy polypropylene jumps from adams agility (UK) and offers the opportunity for those interested (facebook). The cost is 136 canadian dollars per jump plus shipping costs and customs costs. Photo and information about them.
Brazil: results from national championship from last weekend at shopping parque das bandeiras (saturday, sunday); comments (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7). Videos of paulo prado & vick (facebook: 1, 2). Those interested in participate at european open 2014 in hungary should email the CBA (click); if the list of candidates is greater than the quota then it is defined upon ranking of copa CBA.
Argentina: agility competition in santa fe judged by diego garzón, pablo behrendt, rodrigo balsells on 27 april (.jpg).
Courses: Marjo Heino (finland) in Lempaala on 12- 13 april (agility 1 A, agility 1 B, jumping 1 C, agility medium 3 A), Bennie Pielaat (netherlands) in bornholm, poland (facebook agility courses). training courses from magne alden in sweden (1, 2), argentina (1, 2),

15/4/14- Courses from mia laamanen (finland) are updated (click). courses from zeljko Gora in Tattendorf (Austria): agility 3 (1, 2), agility 2 (1, 2).
Videos from canadian tryouts: jessica pattersson & double j trix, qualified for both EO and FCI WC 2014 (click, IE), preston (sheltie qualified for EO and FCI WC), double j summit (border collie qualified for EO) with justine davenport (click, IE).
Austria: the deadline for the registrations for next world cup quali trials (may 3-4) is april 25. Partial registration list for saturday, sunday.
Border collie puppies at Alen Marekovic's kennel: the father of the litter is tibet (from whom he had already planned a litter last year), the mother is mawlch brin (click). information from several litters at rising sun (USA). border collie puppies at magic borders kennel in austria: cash from actual litter (dianne X AJ) is looking for a home and another litter from Face X AJ is planned (click). a litter from red hope X Gareth from sheperds own (little joe) from germany is planned in italy; Lttle joe's father is Joe of Roweburn and one of his grandfathers is Roy of Dalmillington (information from the litter). Atfrom the stone of scone (germany), two litters are expected: one of grandsons from Joe of Roweburn and another from sons of jim of canicature (click). border collie puppies ar deimatilblu kennel in italy (click).

14/4/14- Courses: david powell in france (1, 2, 3, 4, 5).
Videos: silvia trkman & La, Bu, Bi, Le in their last trials, basically in hungary (click, IE), Niina-Liina & rei in finland (click, IE).
WAO 2014: team from sweden (.jpg) and introductory video (click, IE).
FMBB 2014: the team from france is defined (facebook).
IFCS 2014: practice from usa's team (facebook launch the dog).
Czech rep.: royal canin cup 2014 is on june 21- 22 (click); the judges are rolli schiltz & andre mauer from luxembourg.
Puppies: 3 male croatian sheepdog from Saj (polona bonac) after a caesarean section (facebook). Border collie: Jane Elene Christensen (denmark) is planning to mate Do it soon (facebook); the puppies will born for christmas.
Argentina: workshop with luciano peccin in buenos aires on may 24 (.jpg).

13/4/14- Results from luxembourg, sweden, slovenia, austria.
Videos: seminar with lisa frick in germany (click, IE), lee gibson & Sadie in united kingdom (click, IE), funky monkey at USDAA's regionals in USA (click), trial in Melizzano (italy) and what is around (click), vivy specian & jem at national championship from brazil on saturday (IE) and sunday (IE). Videos from A&C in peru: luis molano & hemi from colombia (1 (IE), 2 (IE)), luciano peccin & dylan from argentina (click, IE).
Courses: north central regional from USDAA in USA (click), Halász Ildikó in hungary (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6).
USA: analysis from nancy gyes about different options for a course from jos thines (facebook nancy gyes).
WAO 2014: information for lodging (facebook spain WAO 2014). team from spain (facebook spain WAO 2014).

12/4/14- France: 40 dogs are pre qualified for the national team (facebook equipe de france agility.
WAO: a new book with rules where snooker and pair relays are explained more in detail (facebook, webpage).
Courses: beginners from mitsuru yamada in japan (.jpg), magne alden in sweden (agility 1, agility 2).
Sweden: a week with trials on july 18-24 (webpage); the judges are david powell (france), peter kindle (switzerland), Seppo Savikko (finland). Dogs that are already danish, finnish or norwegian champions only need one certificate to become swedish champion (facebook agility europe).
Colombia: calendar for 2014 (click).
Videos: photos from an agility seminar with krisztina kabai (hungary- germany) in spain organized by agility indog (click, IE), handling from speedoggie (1 (IE), 2 (IE), 3 (IE), 4 (IE)) Videos from wilson villalobos (colombia) at the A&C in peru (click).

11/4/14- Daisy Peel: Solar was diagnosed at vetsporstmedicine with a Bilateral iliopsoas tendinopathy and from treatment , will miss the WAO and the qualifying for the FCI WC 2014 (facebook). He recieved stem cell treatment on the psoas on both sides (facebook), he will recover completly and even be better than last time. Stem cell information used in equine , canine and feline on arthritis, ligamnets problems, tendons and muscles (1, 2, 3, 4).
Puppiess: Alen Marekovic went to barcelona to mat one of his dog (facebook).
Training courses from dan butcher in USA (click). Ejxercises: agility 2 go in alemania (click), Birgitta Hermansson (.jpg), & magne alden (1, 2) in sweden, mingo boncompagni in argentina (1, 2), seppo savikko in finlandia (1, 2, 3).
Canada: registrations are open for the ‘Canadá cup’ (facebook, webpage, formulario3). members of the national team (due to thetryouts) for the EO 2014 and FCI WC 2014 (click).
Videos: running contacts from samba (click, IE), dante camacho (brazil- canada) working on obidience with best (click, IE).
A&C 2014: comments on dog world (brazil) about the participation of their members Mariana & happy, tiago & happy, life, fabio & fox, samy & theo, black (click). The youngers to take part of the event where mariana (brazil, 8 years) and luis romero (peru, 10 years) with happy and laila respectively, followed by brunella carlini (Peru, 13 years) , azul de mendieta (argentina, 17 years); fotos: 1, 2, 3, 4). Is the first time at the américas y el caribe where a dog can run with more than one handler (for example Happy with mariana and tiago, lupy with leandro reis and aurelio) running in different grade as brazil does. The best non border collie in large were Verónica Chávez & Eysha (german shepherd, mexico) in jumping + agility and agility from A&C, Verónica Chávez & shakira (german shepherd, mexico) in agility from A&C, roel medina & shakira (mixed breed, peru) in agility + jumping and agility from open, gerson urbina & misha (australian cattle dog, mexico) in jumping from open.

10/4/14- This weekend, manuel alff is the judge of the trial in luxembourg (.jpg, program, start list). germany: 10 trials, most of them on saturday and sunday (click). Italy: sandra deidda & gorian slatko are the judges of the trial organized by stardog agility (.jpg); quali trials for the master in vicenza, torino (.pdf). austria: ‘Race of Champions’ & ‘Der Weg nach Italien’ judged by Veronika Herendy (Hungary), Margot Fischer (info, start list). Slovakia: roman lukac jr is the judge of ‘exam marathon 2014’ in bratislava with competitors from austria, croatia, slovakia, slovenia, rep. checa, hungary (info, start list). slovenia: ‘tekma za dp 2014’ judged by Gorjan Cvetka, Kokalj Anabella (click). Spain: 3 double trials for the RSCE, one double for the ADACV and another double trial for the FCAG (click). Brazil: workshop with dante camacho (brasil- canada) about canine psychology, clicker, etc. in belo horizonte (1, 2); double trial for national championship in campinas with 112 registrations (info, registration list).
Silvia Trkman has updated her website with an article about Le (click).
Videos: zeljko gora, gunga & tip from croatia (click, IE).
Clean run: april's excercise (.pdf).
Ultimate agility: training Tip ‘A Great Foundation Equals Great Life Skills’ (facebook). foundations classes began on monday 7.
Costa rica: seminar/ course for judges with USDAA's rules with Tim Laubach (USA) on may 8- 10 (facebook).
A&C: M. Thereliz's photos of the teams from brazil, colombia, guatemala (facebook M. Thereliz Fotografía de Mascotas). More photos & videos.
FCI WC 2014: team from netherlands (click).

8/4/14- Courses: seminar with diana domokos (germany) at hotel wolf (1, 2, 3), david powell in france (open, agility 2, agility 3, open, GPF), eduard bonet in spain (1, 2, 3, 4).
Canada: the ‘Canada cup’ is on july 4-6 in ontario (facebook).
France: the trial for australian kelpies and australian cattle dog is on september 7 (facebook manu melain).
Videos from the weekend: janita & jaakko in finland (click, IE), lisa frick, hoss & Cody in austria (click, IE), thomas raczka & curly in the world cup quali in francia (click, IE), wendy willemse at the world cup quali trials in netherlands (facebook: 1, 2, 3), lizbeth & cuddy (mexico) at A&C in peru (click, IE), global video from A&C (click), highlights from A&C with comments from artur pires (organizer, brazil- portugal), stacy goudy (USA), doris reategui & puppe toth (peru), aurelio (brazil), molano (brazil) during the event (click, IE).

7/4/14- EO 2014: due to external circumstances, the EO moved to Taszár in a football field at 9 km from the original locartion (1, 2). Maps & photos (1, 2, 3).
EO junior 2014 webpage.
Courses from the WC quali in europe: jan egil eide (norway) in austria (jumping, agility), kees stoel in netherlands (.jpg), Matej cucek in croatia (agility, open agility, open jumping).
Results from the WC quali last weekend: netherlands, austria.
A&C 2014: videos with the highlights on thursday (IE), friday (IE), saturday (IE), sunday (IE); more photos & videos. results. courses from jozef van eester & tamas traj. Some of the big winners were Brazil (14 medals (12 gold and 2 silver), all first places in the A & C and 4 of the first 6 places in the open), rita bernardino & lucy USA (1 gold, 1 silver and 1 individual bronze), samy & theo brazil (gold medal team in the open and in the A & C, individual gold medal in the A & C), katia from brazil (she was in 7 of the 8 podiums from open and A & C (small and medium) where she participated. But also Brazil had great runs like tiago with happy & life (winners at jumping A&C).
A&C 2015 will be in itu (sao paulo, brazil). The venue is the same one they use for the national championship's finals (clube do cãompo). it is outdoors with natural grass. Location in google maps; the international airport is about 110 km from the venue (google maps). Places where brazilian stayed for last national competition held there (click). All the information we'll find will be here.

6/4/14- Jenny Damm has updated her blog with a course analysis and photos from Ziv (click).
Austria: Lisa frick & Hoss keep won all the runs of the quali for FCI WC 2014 (agility large). all the results from yesterday and today (click). video with lisa frick, hoss & Cody (click, IE)
Seminar with lisa frick & tereza kralová in Bonn (Germany) on april 19-21: there are 2 spots available (facebook).
Germany: ‘Agility fun turnier’ in Udersdorf on august 31 (facebook).
A&C 2014: live stream, webpage, facebook, program, results, courses. Today is the turn of large team and individual for FCI A&C; at these competitions non FCI registred dogs (with or without pedigree, with or without breed) are forbidden to take part of the event. Summary of the results from the open (the equivalent of the european open for the americas): open Team small: 1- colombia, 2- brazil, 3- colombia open Team medium: 1- brazil, 2- peru, 3- mixed open Team large: 1- brazil, 2- usa, 3- colombia open Individual small: 1- rita & lucy (usa), 2- samir & lali (brazil), 3- karen holik & ice (usa) open Individual medium: carol & katia (brazil), 2- jurgen (peru), 3- vivy & jem (brazil) open Individual large: peccin & dylan (arg), 2- wilson & tess (colombia), 3- a. ruiz & zen (colombia). First results from A&C: A&C team small: 1- brazil, 2- colombia, 3- usa. A&C team medium: 1- brazil, 2- peru, 3- colombia. Luciano Peccin & Dylan (argentina), Katia & Carol (brazil), Rita bernardino & lucy (USA) are invited as gold medallist to take part of WAO 2015 (click).

5/4/14- Live stream del A&C in peru;.
Courses: andré Mauer at world cup quali in girona, spain (agility 2, agility 3 large, agility 3 large, agility 3 medium/small, agility 3 medium/small, jumping 3 large, jumping 3 medium/small, jumping 3 medium/small, jumping 2, jumping 3).
Border collie puppies in USA at double J: litter from lexy & the wizard (click); they are 4 macles and 5 females all b&W .
Jenny damm has updated her blog with more photos from her new puppy (click).
Austria: lisa frick & hoss won the quali for FCI WC 2014 (results). More results.
Videos: isabelle emanuelsson & finn (click, IE), trials from thursday (click, IE) and friday (click, IE) at A&C in peru.
Chile: calendar 2014 (click). Classes with nicolas rubio at club chilcoa (click).

4/4/14- This weekend, in peru, takes place the A&C 2014 with dogs from the local country, colombia, brazil, USA, chile, argentina, mexico, guatemala, finland (webpage, facebook, live stream, program (1, 2), running orders, information found). Germany: agility seminars with manuel alff (.jpg) and nicole münker (.jpg). Spain: 6 double trials for RSCE and FCAG (click); seminar with asa emanuelsson (sweden) in alicante (.jpg). Italy: trial for the master (.pdf). Austria: seminar with jenny damm (swedena) in Heiligenblut (1, 2, 3); world cup quali trial judged by Jan-Egil Eide (Noruega), Erich Hüttner (registration list for saturday, sunday; rules). Netherlands: world cup quali trial judged by kees stoel & jos thines (catalog, information). . Canada: workshop with susan garrett from canada (click). Brazil: training course with dante camacho (brazil- canada) in brasilia (click). Uruguay: herding show in melilla (.pdf), agility trial for national championship.
Australia: seminars with noora keskievari (one mind dog) from finland since april 7 (1, 2).
Exercises for training backlaps/germans/japan/forced frontcross and speed from Birgitta Hermansson para entrenar (.jpg); exercises from Bennie Pielaat (.jpg).
Clean run: may's issue has an article from janita leinonen & jaakko Suoknuuti (finland) about handling lines (facebook).
A&C 2014: spreadsheet on google drive corrected for writting the results; it can be downloaded and saved in different formats. There are no official or non official results and the courses were not published yet. Today is the turn of jumping individual, agility & jumping teams for the open. Videos from brazilian grade 1 dogs (1, 2).

3/4/14- Netherlands: catalog for the FCI WC 2014 quali from this weekend (.pdf).
Austria: semninars with silas boogk (germany) on october, november. Intensive training on 5-8 august with anne plenk, sonia mladek, silas boogk, veronika herendy (.pdf).
Hungary: competitors qualified for EO 2014: medium-small, large (.pdf).
Finland: the quali for FCI WC 2014 is on 28-29 june (click).
Videos: justine davenport & doubleJ summit at try outs in canada (click, IE).
Agility alpencup 2014: is on 11 may, 20 july, 17 august, 28 september, 12 october (facebook).
A&C 2014 in peru, with competitors from the local country, colombia, brazil, USA, chile, argentina, mexico, guatemala, finland begins today (webpage, facebook, live stream, program (1, 2), start list, information from everywhere). Spreadsheet for download that can be filled with the results (click); it is a first version in google drive but can be downloaded in severals formats and the idea is that anyone interested on it can take advantage of it (most times the results on the screens are only for the first positions and others may also want to see where they end even if they are not in the first places). The organization announced that they will share results, courses but it is not clear if it will be in real time. Photos from team USA (facebook: Americas Y El Caribe Team USA, eden heigel, marla friedler cooper). Coverage from brasil.

2/4/14- Jenny damm has updated her blog (click): ‘it doesn's always work out as planned’ about her new puppy.
Germany: terrier cup on july 6 in hessen sud (facebook).
Italy: seminar with krisztina Kabai (hingary- germany) on april 3-4 (.pdf).
Brazil: lodging and info from next trial of national championship. partial registration list.
Chile: information of the first trial of ‘torneo pre mundial’ on april 12 at club chilcoa.
A&C 2014: running orders. during the event there is a promotional test for MDR1, TNS, CEA, NCL (.jpg). The winners of each category in large have a spot for WAO 2015; the same happens with A&C's winners.

1/4/14- Hungary: teams qualified for the FCI WC 2014 team, individual. video: tamas tráj & witch at the quali (1, 2).
Courses from last weekend: david powell (GPF, jumping, jumping +), Patrick Bucher (1, 2, 3, 4), Svetlana Zolotnikova (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8).
Videos from last weekend: janita leinonen & fu in finland click, IE), dante camacho & rain at the try out in canada (click), isabelle emanuelsson & jouni orenius (click, IE), curly & thomas raczka (click, IE), fiona & pavol vakonic en rep. checa (1 (IE), 2 (IE)). seminar with tereza kralova & lisa frick in france (click, IE).
A&C 2014: On thursday the tournament begins with the participation of 8 countries from America, only one country from europe (finland, which is present for the second time in this tournament after participating in 2013 with hungary) and the absence of representatives from el salvador and uruguay. Peru (49 registrations, is the host), colombia (38), brazil (34), USA (15), chile (10), argentina (10), mexico (5), guatemala(3), finland (1). registrations. Daisy Peel & Solar won't take part due to Solar's injury but she will be running side by side with her younger dog Mawlch Frodo. All the information we found is here.

31/3/14- Canada: the try outs for EO 2014 and FCI WC 2014 are over. Results, courses by mia laamanen from sunday. Comments from dante camacho about the judge and the present competitors received from her (facebook).
Jenny damm: seminar in austria this week (1, 2, 3).
Greg derrett: conference in UK on april 30 (facebook agility europe).
FMBB 2014: ranking after the quali in france (facebook). the team will be on 15 days.
FCI WC 2014: quali on april: 5- 6 in austria (registration list saturday, sunday; regulations): the judges are Erich Hüttner (austria) Jan-Egil Eide (Norway). the same weekend is the third quali in netherlands (click); judged by kees stoel & jos thines. On april 25-27, Italy has the lasts competition for the first round in soliera (.pdf); the second round are tryouts on june. On 26- 27 april are the 3 and 4 competitions in germany (click); the quali ends on may 9- 11. On april 27 is the first quali in switzerland judged bypeter feer & pierre läderach (click). On april 27 is the last quali in luxembourg judged by por jos thines & rolli schiltz (click). On 26 is the first quali in slovenia (click). The same day is also the first quali in Czech rep. (1, 2).

30/3/14- Courses: diana domokos at hotel wolf in germany (1, 2), gabi steppan in Italy (1, 2).
Croatian sheepdog worldchampionship 2014: video trial (click, IE).
Spain: results after the quali from saturday (click).
Austria: results (.pdf) and photos from the lux-cup. ranking (.pdf).
Seminars in germany: remo múller (suiza) on 24-25 may (facebook), hinky nickels on 1 and 3 august with a trial on 2 august (.pdf), philipp müller- schnick on 28-29 june (.jpg), michaela brandstetter on 24-25 august & hinky nickels on 11-12 october (click). seminar with tereza kralova (czech rep.) on 14-15 june in swirzerland (facebook).
A&C 2014: more information from brazil and chile about about arriving to peru with dogs that that differ from the organization information (facebook: 1, 2, 3). It also don't appear at the webpage but was announced a week ago in the facebook of A&C that there is a tax of 98.6 soles (around 35 dollars) per dog to be paid (in local currency) at the airport upon entry (facebook).

29/3/14- USA: AKC national goes on today and tomorrow. webpage, facebook, live stream, information about live stream, results and courses. video with Pace vs Gitchi
Courses: gabi steppan (austria) in italy (agility 3), Rauno Virta in finland (1, 2, 3), mia laamanen (finland) in canada (.pdf).
Ultimate agility: two foundations on line courses (click).
Hungary: results from the quali trials today (open agility, open jumping).
Italy: pints for the master (click).
Luxembourg: updated calendar (.pdf).
Finland: results from the trials this weekend (click).
Canada: susan garrett's comments about the try outs with the courses designed by mia laamanen from finland (facebook). mia laamanen's comments (facebook). results (.pdf).

28/3/14- USA: AKC national. webpage, facebook, live stream, information about the live stream, results and courses. videos: silvina bruera & tcam (facebook), karen holik & siren (facebook).
One mind: training video from australia with ideas from one mind (click), preview of an article and video from Chi (jaakko) and her fears (click).
Hungary: competition on 29-30 march with judges Jozef van Eester (belgium judge from FCI WC 2014), Szoboszlay Erika, Jäckl Anikó: program from saturday, sunday, start list. This competition are the last runs that qualifies for EO 2014 and FCI WC 2014 (click).
Agility seminars: hinky nickels (germany) on october in luxembourg (click), silas boogk (germany) on 28-29 april in Nürnberg (click), jouni orenius & isabelle emanuelsson (finland - sweden) on 12- 13 may in Italy (.jpg), tamas traj, koran csaba, viki csavas on 2 may in hungary (.jpg).
A&C 2014: course for testing obstacles (.jpg). No food prize is allow at the test ring (only toy/tug), strides are not allow, the same as any other object to put on the obstacles, and they also can't be move (facebook: 1, 2). March 31 is the deadline for those needing help from the organization for veterinary certificates for returning home (facebook). Article from chile about their team (click) and by miguel ferigatto from brazil about the courses (click). competitors that upgrade at last competition in brazil (click). Difficulties from some federations to some south americans competitors to take part at some runs or entire event at A&C (facebook): peru, argentina (1, 2).

27/3/14- This weekend, in USA, takes palce the AKC national (webpage, facebook, live stream since thursday, information about live stream). Czech rep.: trial in ostrava with several dogs from slovakia because their results count for qualifying for world cup in their ountry (registration list, rules for qualifying in slovakia). Spain: 2 double trials for RSCE (click). Germany: last trial of FAST (click) judged by Peter Steinherr; seminar with silas boogk (facebook). italy: trials in villa cortese, rome (judged by sandra deidda and gabi steppan), verona (1, 2). Finland: trials in helsinki, Joensuu, lieto, Pello, Seinajoki, Hyvinkaa on saturday, sunday and/or monday (click). Austria: Erich Hüttner, Herbert Reichl are the judges of the second trial of lux cup (info, running order). Brazil: third trial of local championship in pernambuco (info, registration list).
Guldagility in sweden on july 3-6: the deadline for registrations is april 1 (click); they have prizes in euros. Partial registration list for each day: 1, 2, 3, 4.
Sintava cup: the deadline for registrations is april 9 (click).
Videos: seminar with jouni orenius & isabelle emanuelsson in spain (click, IE), promotional video for the SM in sweden (click).
Canada: webpage for the nationals on august 7-10 (click).

26/3/14- USA: Solar (daisy peel) is limping and is not going to take part of his next trials including the AKC national from next weekend (facebook). information about akc national (click).
Border collie puppies in finland from Promillen Cinzano (tuulia liuhto) & Starksy Makes The List (click).
Seminar with janita & jaakko in puebla (mexico) on april 26-27: there are three free spots (facebook lizbeth alvarado). Seminar with marco giavoni (italy) in bari organized by jacoclub (.jpg).
Argentina: coverage about the non official agility trial last weekend (click ).
Spain: information about the quadruple trial for RSCE on april 17-20 (.pdf, facebook). gabi steppan (austria) is judging.
One mind: video about blinds (click).

25/3/14- Videos: Juno (daisy peel) & shelly in usa (1 (IE), 2 (IE)), twister & nicola giraudi in italy (click, IE), lupin & nicola giraudi in italy (click, IE), jane christensen & strafe in denmark (click, IE), dogs reacting with a magician (click). promotional videos: polona bonac and her on line classes (click, IE), agilityuken 2015 (click, IE).
Italy: points from the quali trials large, medium, small; total points: large, medium, small.
Daisy peel has updated her blog (click).
Exercises from facebook. At agility courses: magne alden (1, 2, 3), bennie pielaat (.jpg), mitsuru yamada (.jpg). At Ejercicios de agility: carmen valls (.jpg), domingo boncompagni (1, 2), alejandra larrea (1, 2).
Argentina: non official trial in buenos aires with javier xifra's judging (facebook: photos, comments (1, 2)) and local trial in santa fé (photos (.rar), facebook).

24/3/14- AKSE 2014 (australian kelpie sports event) in netherlands on july 12- 13: at least 3 agility courses per day. Registrations will open next week (webpage, facebook agility europe).
Courses: stefanie semkat (agility 3, jumping 3), david powell (agility 1, agility 2, agility 3, GPF, open, open + , jumping, jumping +), gabi steppan in soliera (jumping).
Clean run: agility tip (.jpg). Page on facebook to post information about specific photos needed for the magazine and other projects (facebook).
Seminars: comments from the seminar withe krisztina kabai (hungary- germany) in spain (facebook); ‘those that never were at a seminar with her shouldn's wait too long or when you finally decide to go, you will repent for not having gone before’. Photos from the seminars with alen marekovic (croatcia) in usa (facebook eden heigel) and with isabelle emanuelsson (sweden) & jouni orenius (finland) in spain (facebook enrique herbera). Information about the workshop with bernd hüppe & suzi novak in hungary (click).
Spain: information about the quali trials on march 29-30 (.pdf). ‘all for nice’ on facebook. Galican is sponsoring the national championship 2014 in asturias on june 7-8 (click); they will also take aprt of the quali trals on may 24-25 in madrid.

23/3/14- Courses: seppo saviko (facebook), rene blank (jumping, agility, jumping, agility), Katka Lerlova (agility 3, jumping open, veteranos, jumping open, veteranos, agility 1, agility 2, agility 3, agility open, agility 2).
Videos: matej cucek & jazz (click, IE), denis beoni & brie in italy (facebook).
IFCS: canada team (click).
Luxembourg: results and positions before the last trial from april. The qualifying draw is out of the competition where all dogs run. So, for example, at the quali jumping large the first place went to mike peter with bailey, but they have taken the fourth posittion at the competition. There, Mike peter has taken the first place with joury (mixed breed). At the general competition at jumping small the first place with an speed of 5.12m/s was also for Mike peter this time with Spike (the mixes breed who won amadeus 2014), but of course his result doesn't count for the quali. The first place of the quali in jumping small was for Oe mireille & less at 4.92 m/s.

22/3/14- Live stream from sweden this weekend (click).
Courses: gabi steppan at the quali trials in soliera (italy) today (agility.
Luxembourg: some quali rankings updated today (click).
Italy: partial results parciales from the trials in soliera that qualify for EO 2014 and FCI 2014 (click).
Austria: new facebook with info about world cup team and the quali trials (clikc).
Jenny Damm has updated her blog with the trip in miami with miss lilli (click).
Brazil: third trial of local championship in pernambuco (informationn, partial registration list); Alexandre Xavier Borges is the judge. Results from the local championship in río de janeiro (first trial, second trial).
Argentina: the first two trials of local championship in santa fé are on amrch 24 (.jpg).

21/3/14- This weekend takes place the third and fourth quali trials in luxembourg (info and running orders); the judges are H. fried and M. alff. austria: seminars with sabrina hauser, sascha grunder (switzerland), zeljko gora (croatia). italy: second quali trial for FCI Wc 2014 and EO 2014 in soliera (.pdf); trial for the master organized by dogville (.pdf). france: seminar with lisa frick (austria) & tereza kralova (czech rep.) in Villelaure (1, 2). sweden: Malmö Int. 2014 judged by ken fogelberg (denmark) with live stream. slovakia: Michael Liekens (Belgium), Martina Vakonicova, Pavol Vakonic are the judges of a trial at galanta ranch (info, program, registrations); teams from austria, slovenia, czech rep., poland, croatia are registered. Spain: 4 double trials for RSCE, one for FEAEC, one for FCAG (click), double trial for liga ibérica (.pdf); information about the trials for FEAEC judged by francisco alegre and the trial organized by 5 huesos/a>, seminar with krisztina kabai (hungary- germany) organized by indogagility (.jpg). Colombia: agility open in bogotá. USA: seminar with alen marekovic (croatia) in arizona (click). Brazil: official trial prior to américas y el caribe (info, registrations).
Videos: jane elene christensen, do it, jiggy training the jaakko turn, german turn, double lapturn (click, IE), jenny damm & miss lilly in florida, usa (click, IE).
Obstacles: free shipping from NTI global (facebook, webpage). Video from clip and go comparing traditional tunnels and ‘sure grip’ tunnels (click, IE); more information (1, 2).
A&C 2014: teams from brazil for the open (click). All the teams we find are here.

20/3/14- Daisy Peel: part 3 of building your pvc jumps (click).
Online classes from polona bonac (click).
USA: the AKC national championship on march 27- 30 will have live stream (facebook, webpage). e_book at cleanrun to help with the costs of the WAO's team (click).
Chile: winners of the ranking from ‘torneo pre américas y el caribe’ (facebook). complete ranking and results from last weekend.
A&C 2014: the team from brazil are: Paulo & Blanka, Samir & Lali, Renan & Nitro, Geraldo & Truco in small; Samy & Theo, Katia & Carol, Aurelio & Cacau, Vivyane & Jem in medium; zezinho & Bona, Marcela & Simba, Fabio & Fox, Paulo & Vicky in large click). Video with an interview with tiago (brazil) at peruvian TV (click, IE) and photos.

19/3/14- Seminar with polona bonac in italy, on april 5-6 about training puppies for agility (.pdf).
OMD camp & cup 2014 (finland) on august 18-24 (facebook, webpage).
Hungary: updated ranking of teh quali for EO 2014 and FCI WC 2014 (click).
Spain: photos of teh trials at tercans (facebook) and club hípico laukiniz (click). results from competition at correcan (click) and from the liga iberica on february (.pdf).
Brazil: comements from teh trials in rio de janeiro (1, 2).
Herding: a week with clinics, courses and competitions in san pablo- brasil on march 24- 30 (1, 2).
Videos: tamas traj & witch at quali from this weekend (click, IE), training of vivy specian & jem (brazil) (click, IE).

18/3/14- Obstacles: galican from spain, has now an online store (click).
OJAC 2015 will be on 14-15 de febrero (facebook).
Videos: isabelle emanuelsson & jouni orenius (click, IE), running contacts training (click), hinky nickels (facebook) and chap (click, IE) at the quali trials in germany, trial organized by correcan in spain (click).
Courses for training: Patrik Borgström in sweden (click), Bennie Pielaat in netherland (click), Birgitta Hermansson in sweden (.jpg), from japan (1, 2), domingo boncompagni in argentina (1, 2). Course from bud houston (.jpg).

17/3/14- Germany: FCI WC quali trials from the weekend. photos (facebook martin ritter). Courses from stefanie semkat (agility 3 large, jumping 3 small).
Netherlands: FCI WC quali trials. courses from FCI WC 2014's judge josef van eester (jumping large, agility large, jumping small medium, agility small medium) and adri van den bosch (agility large).
WAO 2014: russia is going (facebook).
Berger des pyrénées available puppies in france (click).
Agility nerd thanks to everyone who buys products from Clean Run through the link on the webpage helping to maintain it (facebook).
Videos: never mind dogs from california (click), overlays with silvia trkman vs both eszter (click, IE) and silvia trkman vs Zorgel Ildiko (click, IE), daisy peel & frodo in usa (click, IE), jessica patterson & double j trix in canada (click, IE), ana maría zuluaga & samba in colombia (facebook).

16/3/14- Hungary: results from this weekend (.pdf: 1, 2, 3, 4).
Germany: results. Points after some runs in medium, small, large (.jpg: 1, 2, 3).
Netherland: results from the quali from this weekend (click). video of wendy willemse (facebook)
Italy: seminar with nicola giraudi, tuulia liutho, timo liutho on 23-25 may (.jpg: 1, 2, 3). 12 places avilable.
Courses: gabi steppan in czech rep (.jpg), Helge Himle in norway (click), lee gibson in a course (.jpg), alejandra larrea in uruguay (agility grade 1: 1, 2).
Videos training: slalom from do it with jane elen christensen in denmark (.jpg), running contacts with dan shaw (facebook).

15/3/14- Live stream this weekend from the quali trials in germany (click).
Germany: quali trials to world cup. results: agility medium, agility small, jumping large (1, 2, 3), jumping medium. points small. results on the webpage. courses from stefanie semkat: jumping 3 ( medium, agility 3 small. Information about third and fourth quali trials (1, 2).
Brazil: information about the official trial in dog world (click). Fiel (canil dos pardais) at the television (click). The 6 winners of a free registration to A&C in peru (click).
A&C 2014: the 70% of the tickets will be donated to Albergue Municipal de La Molina (facebook). All the information we find here.

14/3/14- Germany: live stream from the WC 2014 quali trials this weekend (click).
Luxembourg: program of the FCI wc 2014 quali trials on march 22 -23 (click).
Jenny Damm: the seminar on april 1-4 in austria has free spots (facebook jenny damm, webpage).
Courses: mia laamanen has updated her courses (click).
Video: do it training weaves (2X2) in denmark (click, IE).
A&C 2014: programa with veterinarian check, training, team leaders meeting, etc. (facebook, webpage). tamas traj & jozef van eester are the judges for the grade 1 courses.

13/3/14- Courses from tamas traj (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6).
Border collie puppies in czech rep.: ola miveko is in season and will be mated to audi (from pavel kosek). From the same mating born Fu from janita Leinonen some years ago (1, 2, 3).
Facebook agility europe: comments about the best way to do weaves (2 paws on each side vs one & one) and the way to train it (click). Comments from lisa frick, silvia trkman, thomas frei, etc.
A&C 2014: officially the deadline for registrations is march 17 (click).

12/3/14- This weekend, in Germany, are the first competitions that qualifies for FCI WC 2014 (click). Netherland: quali for the FCI WC 2014 (catalog, information from saturday and sunday); the judges are Josef van Eester, Adri van den Bosch, Martin Schoffelmeer. Finland: 4 double competitions (click). Hungary: double trial judged by peter feer (EO 2014's judge) and jackl aniko (click). Austria: Korneuburger Winterspiele (start list, information), Wintercup Schwanenstadt (1, 2, 3), Absdorfer Winterturnier (.pdf), Hallenturnier - Ort (1, 2, 3). Spain: 4 trials for the RSCE, one for FCAG and another for LIA, they are all double (click), first trophy la palma in spain (banner), seminar with isabelle emanuelsson & jouni orenius in cadiz (click). USA: splashdog in califormia (.jpg), seminar with alen marekovic in texas (facebook), Canada: seminar with kayl Mc caan (click). Brazil: competition for the local championship in rio de janeiro (information, start list). Chile: las trial for the tournament pre americas y el caribe (information, banner, inscriptos). Uruguay: first competition of the year in canelones.
Jenny Damm has updated her blog with inormation of her tour in USA (click).
Obstacles in slovakia (click); have to click ‘agility parkur’ from the menu .
Brazil: copa CBA. Photos on facebook; the winners were Zezinho & bona in large, samy & theo in medium, Samir & Lali in small (.jpg). Official trial ‘pre américas y el caribe’ on march 22 at dog world with courses from A&C's judges (click); it will have 4 courses for grade 1, 2 agility + jumping for grado 2-3 and the judges are Tiago, Dan Wroblewski, Samy Wroblewski, Renan Campos, Felipe Minet, Artur Pires
A&C 2014: according to brazilian, this weekend is the deadline for registrations and payments with credit card (facebook).

11/3/14- Courses from guilherme trevisani at copa CBA in brazil (1, 2, 3). Training courses from magne alden (1, 2, 3). training course from granting pleasure (click). jumping 3 from carlo magonli. Some courses from Westminster Master Agility Championships published on clean run's facebook. Exercise in argentina (click).
Videos: juan camilo castro at a seminar with peccin (argentina) in colombia (1, 2), thomas raczka & curly in france (click, IE), anna schober at a seminar with silas boogk (click, IE), better things from agility at crufts (click, IE).
Norway: course with jan egil eide on may 3-4 and june 14-15 (facebook).
United kingdom: course from agility secrets about running contacts with Laura Chudleigh starts on march 24 (facebook).

10/3/14- Course from gabi steppan on march 2 (jpg, facebook with comments) courses from this weekend: anders virtanen (click), peter holmberg (1, 2), tunnel cup in spain (1, 2).
Germany: trial in june judged by alex beitl & oliver gustke (facebook).
Articles: Polona Bonac wrote about uppy training (click), article about training running contacts vs two on- two off (click).
USA: the registrations for the seminars with isabelle emanuelsson (sweden) & jouni orenius (finland) on june 5-9 are open (facebook).
Spain: results from the trials in eslon on march 8-9 (click).
Videos: silvia trkman with la, bu, bi, le at winter trials (click, IE), jeremmy chomienne & elium (1 (IE), 2 (IE)), jane elen christensen & jiggy training weaves (click, IE), tero mesiranta & witzi in finland (click, IE), theresa rector & wifi at a seminar with janita & jaakko (click, IE).

9/3/14- Germany: results from saar'gility on friday, saturday, sunday. Courses from Nikolas Ruchalski (agility 3 (medium- small, large), jumping 3 (medium- small, large), agility 3 large), Alexander beitl (agility 2, agility 3 (small- medium, large), jumping 3 (small- medium, large), jumping open, agility 1).
Austria: partial registration list for the FCI WC 2014 quali trials on april 5- 6 (1, 2). The deadline for the registrations is march 28. More information (1 , 2).
Brazil: some results from the weekend (1, 2).
Janita & Jaakko: all the interested in a seminar in usa during the 2014-2015 tour that did not receive an email should send an email (facebook).
Border collie puppies: sired by fetch granting pleasure: one litter with criss cross in slovenia (facebook mirja lapanja); another litter with Geena from coldstream in switzerland with silvana soncini (facebook fetch granting pleasure); in croatia (alen marekovic's kennel), a litter is expected with never never land Q'shelby (click).
Videos from crufts: international large agility (IE), jumping (IE), finals (IE), thomas & Duncan from germany (click, IE), ‘which is the best option’ (facebook guy blanck), freestyle's winner (click, IE); (list). Videos: eden heigel & tone before representing the USA at A&C in peru (facebook), zsofi biro & scilla (facebook), pablo behrendt & blizzard at a seminar with alex beitl in chile in july 2013 (facebook).
Courses: rene blank in czech rep. (1, 2, 3), marjo heino in finland (1, 2, 3, 4), carmen valls in spain (1, 2, 3, 4), OJAC 2014 (1, 2, 3, 4), crufts (1, 2), .

8/3/14- Courses: alex beitl in germany (jumping 3, agility 3), crufts (1, 2), athos giusti in switzerland (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8).
Italy:the deadline for the registrations for the second FCI WC 2014 and EO 2014 quali is march 10 (click). The judges are Paolo Meroni, Fulvio Frixione, Gabi Steppan Rolf Graber, Giorgio Danilo.
Crufts: results from international large jumping (1- rosanne de mascio & straffe (USA), 2- malin elfstrom & nikko, 3- katja slippens & ziva), single small (1- daneen fox & masher, 2- alan bray), single large (1- greg derrett & detox, 2- dave munnings & boss), single medium (1- karen gibbons, 2- steven richardson, 3- natasha wise), international large agility, team small final.
Germany: photos from indoor saar'gility last weekend (facebook). Frank Gerhard is the judge for the trial on may 1 in saarbrücken klarenthal (click); registrations are open and the deadline is april 1. Some championships on 2014 and 2015.
Videos: karen holik & ice ar a seminar with jenny damm in usa (click, IE). Crufts: rosanne de mascio & strafe (facebook), ‘belgian odyssey’ (click, IE), gregory bielle bidalot (facebook).
Spain: border collie puppy is looking for a home near madrid (facebook). photos from a trial of liga uca in september (click). Information about the trial at l'almozara next weekend (facebook).

7/3/14- Canada cup 2014 on july 4- 6. Information; Registrations start on april 10 and ends on may 31.
Seminar with jenny damm (sweden) in poland in june. There are a free few spots (facebook).
Brazil: article on CBA's site about the agilitists's childs in brazil's history and about actual childs: mariana nunes (will be at A&C in perú), Livia Ferreira, Nicolle Schubert, Yuri Lesnau, Theo Estigarribia (click). Nest double trial of national championship will be in campinas on april 12-13 (click). Information about the support team for A&C with artur pires, paulo prado, tiago, renan (click).
Crufts 2014: video with dave munnings & boss (facebook). results from agility. There is live stream this weekend (saturday, sunday).
Videos: maría tomilova & felice at a ‘all breeds cup’ in russia (agility 3 (IE), jumping 3 (IE), final (IE)), seminar with luciano peccin (argentina) in medellín (click, IE).
A&C 2014: the payment with credit card is available through 2checkout (1, 2, 3). There has been a problem with the database server and the organization is asking to check the registration list and register again if necessary (facebook).

6/3/14- Clean run: excercises for march (.pdf).
Puppies is the subject at dog agility blog event (click); with the opinion on severals blogs.
EO 2014: finland's team (click). As janita & hitti are EO 2013 champions, there was free spot only for individual the place has to be takenn by the next of the ranking: jaakko & Chi. Fernanda lesnau (click) & felipe minet (click) this year won't go to the A&C representing brazil and will take part of the EO. Event on facebook.
EO junior 2014: products sells this weekend to fundraise for the junior austrian team (click).
Finland: calendar with competitions order by monthes (click). This weekend there are trials in oulu, Riihimaki, Lappeenranta, Vantaa, Lempaala.
Susan Salo: seminars on 2014.
Crufts 2014: videos: novice cup (IE), best of rescue dog (IE), agility/jumping small (IE), large semifinal (IE), large final (IE), agility dog of the year (IE), jumping open (IE), flyball (IE). all the videos (click)

5/3/14- This weekend: agility at crufts starts on thursday (webpage, facebook, twitter, youtube, live stream). germany: second part of saar agility judged by stefanie semkat, alex beitl and nick ruchalski (1, 2, 3, 4); fourth trial of FAST judged by Sina Just (information, running order). Italy: seminar with lisa frick (.pdf); two trials (1, 2) and two quali for the master (star dog village, Von David Sporting Dog). austria: purina winterhallencup judged by tamas tráj & hernert reich (info, lista de inscriptos), Eiskristallcup judged by Mina Pieske, landlen cup (click). Spain: 4 double trials and 1 simple for RSCE, double trials for FCAG and ADACV (click). USA: seminar with jenny damm (sweden) in florida (click). Brazil: third and fourth trials of V copa CBA in sao paulo (information, registrations). Costa rica: carol voelker is the judge of torneo clases. Colombia: seminars with luciano peccin (argentina) in bogotá.
Courses: Philippe Wattecamps in france (click), gabi steppan (agility 3). Training courses from magne alden (1, 2, 3) and Agnes Acs-Kövesi (.jpg). Exercises from the facebook ejercicios de agility (1, 2, 3, 4).
SNAC: sheltie national cup is a championship in germany (near frankfurt) on august 23-24 (webpage, facebook).
Blogs: updates from daisy peel (facebook; ‘So many times I’ve heard people say “I just want to make sure I don’t ruin THIS puppy”....’) and Agility nerd (click; ‘connection comes first’).
USA: classes with stacey campbell in palo alto on march (click).
A&C 2014: Artur Pires needs the names of the delegates and team manager for the countries that did not been named (facebook).

4/3/14- Luxembourg: results and ranking of the world cup quali.
Crufts 2014: article about gregory & cayenne representing france (click). webpage, facebook, twitter, youtube. video promoting agility in crufts (click, IE). Scheduling and running orders (click).
Croatian sheepdog puppies from Saj (running with Polona Bonac) are expected on april 15 (1, 2). This litter is from Mawlch kennel from Alen Marekovic (click).
Brazil: informaction about next trial of local championship in río de janeiro (click); partial registration list. fabi&$39;s training in rio grande do sul (click). Updated rankings from local championship in pernambuco and copa paulista.
Finland: new judges (facebook).
Videos: Nicola Giraudi with Time (click, IE) & Lupin (click, IE) this weekend.

3/3/14- Courses from this weekend: gabi steppan (click). david powell in mauguio (france) where he judged with Mélanie Théault, Guillaume Dublanche (1, 2, 3), tamas traj (judge of the EO 2014) in italy (jumping 1, jumping beginners, jumping 1, jumping beginners, agility beginners, agility 2, agility 3, jumping 2, jumping 3), Stefanie semkat in germany (1, 2).
Daisy peel registrations are open for camp 2014 (webpage, facebook).
Croatia: results of this weekend competition; Polona bonac, Silvia trkman, Matej cucek where there.
Videos from Saargility: philipp müller schnick & ruby (click, IE), Anne Lenz & Chi (click, IE) and Mia (click, IE), annette & sky (click, IE); more videos. marianne & tero (son of de Audi from pavel kossek) in finland (1 (IE), 2 (IE)), channan fosty in usa (1, 2, 3, 4), seminar with Luciano Peccin in colombia (1, IE) (2, IE).

1/3/14- Seminars with lisa frick this weekend in rome (facebook). In august (7-10), there is another seminar with lisa frick & tereza kralová during 4 days in italy (.pdf). On march 22- 23 and 26- 30 both of them have seminars in france (1, 2). There is a seminar on april 17- 21 in germany (click). On may 1-2 there is a seminar with tereza Kralová in spain at el verdaguer near france (facebook).
Payed blog about rosanne de mascio & Ven - All zet ricko training (click).
Courses from stefanie semkat in germany (1, 2).

previous updates are in spanish

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